Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts

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Season 1
4. Hungry Ghosts
Aug 28, 2020
► SBS On Demand
Season 1
3. Hungry Ghosts
Aug 26, 2020
► SBS On Demand
Season 1
2. Hungry Ghosts
Aug 25, 2020
► SBS On Demand
Season 1
1. Hungry Ghosts
Aug 24, 2020
► SBS On Demand


Ghosts from the past haunt the lives of Vietnamese-Australian families in Melbourne during the Hungry Ghost Festival, a time when the Vietnamese community venerates their dead.

Genre - Drama/Horror/Miniseries
Country - AUS
Language - en-AU
Original Air Date - Monday 24th August 2020
Run Time - 4h 10min

Cast & Crew

Stars Catherine Van-Davies, Jillian Nguyen, Bryan Brown, Clare Bowen, Ferdinand Hoang, Ryan Corr, Justine Clarke, Gabrielle Chan, Gareth Yuen, Suzy Wrong, Susan Young, Oakley Kwon, Haiha Le, Vico Thai, Hoa Xuande, Crystal Wang, Susie Porter

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