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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Too Close For Comfort

Aussie Snake Wranglers is a documentary series following the busiest snake catching team in Australia as they go head-to-head with some of the deadliest animals on the planet.


Episode 2 - Triple Threat

A giant python raids a chicken coop and a deadly eastern brown snake has to be removed from a young family's backyard.


Episode 3 - Chicken Coop Invasion

Jess and Stuart are called in to remove an eastern brown from a concerned grandparent and a simple callout turns deadly for Mick and Adele.


Episode 4 - Double Trouble

Stuart and Olivia attempt to capture two eastern browns as Mick's mum calls for help after discovering a mysterious reptile in her bedroom.


Episode 5 - Toilet Surprise

A young boy's trip to the toilet is interrupted by a snake hiding under the toilet rolls and Stuart faces off against an old foe.


Episode 6 - Snake Surfers

Surf life savers call the team for help after finding a red bellied black snake in their board room. Stuart and Olivia attempt to remove three pythons from a building site.


Episode 7 - Hide and Seek

Chris and Stuart are called in to catch two eastern browns that are loose in a family's backyard while Mick goes 'all in' to remove a Keelback from a swimming pool.


Episode 8 - Stu vs Goliath

A giant lace monitor is terrorising a family's pet chickens as Oliva makes a startling discovery while removing a large python from a young family's backyard.


Episode 9 - A Deadly Bite

It's code red as one of Stuart's catchers is bitten by an eastern brown snake – the second most venomous snake in the world.


Episode 10 - Snake Invasion

Stuart and Chris are called in to remove a mystery snake from inside a lounge chair while Mick and Adele struggle to access a python stuck in a fence.


Episode 11 - Red Belly Returns

An old foe returns and Stuart will do anything to ensure the snake is caught and removed. Mick and Adele break up two love-struck whip snakes that are mating in a backyard.


Episode 12 - Terror In The Bedroom

An uninvited guest finds its way into a family's bedroom – but it's not what Stuart and Chris were expecting. Jess tackles a large carpet python in a messy garage.


Episode 13 - Mistaken Identity

Stuart and Chris are called in to remove a snake unlike anything they've ever seen before while Mick and Adele hunt down a deadly red bellied black snake.


Episode 14 - Duck On The Menu

A family's pet duck is missing and a python is on the loose! Jess and Stuart get more than they bargained for when called in to remove a large red bellied black snake.


Episode 15 - Python Spectacular

Stuart and Chris are inundated with calls to remove carpet pythons from houses all over the Sunshine Coast.


Episode 16 - Brown Bonanza

Multiple calls for deadly eastern brown snakes keep Stuart and Chris on their toes. Mick and Adele attempt to remove a red belly from behind a couple's backyard freezer.



Season 1

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