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Episode 1 - I Hate to Say This, But Did You Kill Her?

M, a mystery writer, spends his days observing others and writing novels at his favorite bars and cafes. He has mastered city living - being alone but not being lonely. M has a girlfriend, F. After a petty fight, he loses contact with her for three weeks. F's sister arrives and reveals that F has been missing since Halloween night, along with all of their grandmother's inheritance money. As M begins the search for his missing girlfriend, his quiet life slowly begins to change.


Episode 2 - Don't You Have Any Friends?

Mystery writer M learns that his girlfriend has been missing since Halloween. Mito, a part-timer at BAR Lighthouse, suggests that he ask her friends where she might be. However, M cannot even name F's favorite food, let alone her friends. M visits the kindergarten where she worked in search of clues. The principal says she took off while the kids put on a play, but another teacher tells him the principal is lying. At a cafe, M finds out that F organized a strike against the poor work conditions but somehow ended up siding with the principal, causing the other teachers to resign. He also finds out that those same teachers showed up during the play, causing F to flee. Before he realizes it, F's co-worker has left, and M is left alone in the cafe. Then, M gets a call from his editor.


Episode 3 - I Will Break All Your Joints

Though M usually writes mystery novels, he has now begun writing a weekly column. His editor even tells M to create his first ever social media account. Despite M's worries, it gains many followers. M loses himself in social media as he reads the comments from his followers. One night, he posts an announcement for his face-to-face event, but straight away M receives a message from somebody telling him that they are going to break every joint in his body at the event. The threat leaves M shaken, but his editor and police both brush it off as a prank. A huge crowd has gathered for M's face-to-face event. However, the author grows suspicious of a large man in the audience, hidden among the mostly female fan base. Why is the man staring at him with a blank expression on his face?


Episode 4 - I Want to Take You Somewhere

It is past midnight at BAR Lighthouse. The only customers are M, a beautiful female fan of his, and the drunken Izumi. M leaves the bar with the woman. At the station, they run into Izumi, who is too drunk to walk. In his hand is a red bib he had taken from a little buddha statue, and the woman grows furious with him. She says that angering the statue will bring a curse and goes to return the bib. There, M finds a certain white stone before the buddha statue. At a diner, Izumi reveals that his father is none other than Fukuo, the chef at BAR Lighthouse. In the morning at Café Mermaid, the beautiful woman tells M who she really is before leaving, but that is not all he finds out that morning. What will M do as he uncovers more and more of BAR Lighthouse's secrets?


Episode 5 - The Best Day of the Year

In Tokyo, Christmas and New Year's blend into one. Family travels are in season, but mystery writer M has no one to see and nowhere to go. At BAR Lighthouse, M nearly blurts out Izumi's secret when he sees him wearing Fukuo's apron. The next morning, M wakes up with the flu. Upon hearing this, Kaoru asks Fukuo and Izumi to deliver food to M. Izumi is happy to spend time with his father, but Fukuo has no idea that the young man beside him is his son. Then, on New Year's Day, M gets a call. It is F, his missing girlfriend. Without sharing her whereabouts, she asks him to pick up greeting cards for her. M enters her quiet room and sorts through the cards, and sees one signed by a familiar name.


Episode 6 - Everything Changes

M hears that a TV producer he used to work with has fallen ill. He visits his former company to find out more. On his way back, M finds F's sister at BAR Lighthouse. He tells her about F's call, to which she seems relieved and thanks him. She tells M that everything changes over time and then rides off in a cab. After closing time at BAR Lighthouse, Izumi musters the courage to tell Fukuo that he is his son. Meanwhile, the sun rises at a beach resort where F is enjoying a luxurious room all to herself. She steps out on the terrace and watches the beautiful dawn reflected on the sea.


Episode 7 - Are You Happy Now?

The story picks up two years in the past when F and her sister meet their grandmother for the first time. F brings pictures of their deceased mother, who left home at twenty. Though their grandmother only has a year to live, F's sister cannot sympathize with the elderly woman, who was never there for the two sisters. In contrast, F tries to accept the woman. The next day, F drinks alone at BAR Lighthouse while her boyfriend M socializes with the other customers. She steps out and runs into Mito. They strike up a friendship and decide to go on an impromptu boat ride, where the night view fills the women with a sense of freedom. A few months later, F is helping her grandmother prepare to enter the hospital. Her grandmother offers to leave her entire inheritance to F, and she accepts.


Episode 8 - That Lie Counts for Something

M is drinking at Bar Lighthouse as usual when he is suddenly tasked with looking after Sawada's cat. However, the next morning he cannot find the cat anywhere! He enlists Fukuo to help look for it. Later on, Fukuo confesses to M about a huge lie he has been telling. Meanwhile, F meets with her sister for the first time in six months. She apologizes and tries to give her sister money, but her sister still holds a grudge at being betrayed and refuses it. At that moment though, an unexpected happening causes both sisters to laugh and get along just like they used to. Afterward, M attends a magic show alone. There are hardly any other spectators, and M is chosen to be the magician's helper. As M enters a huge box that is to be pierced by swords, F quietly slips into the audience.


Episode 9 - I Feel Like I've Come Very Far

M and F reunite for the first time in six months. Though M enjoyed his time alone, he realizes how much he missed his girlfriend. When F returns to M's apartment, she is excited to see Nabeshima, Sawada's cat. F has always wanted a cat, but M tells her that having a pet would make traveling difficult. F then suggests that they take a trip together. During the trip, F gets irritated at M. At the inn, she realizes how much she has changed and makes a certain decision. When the two return to Tokyo, they stop by BAR Lighthouse. The regulars are surprised to see F again, but they welcome her warmly. Later that evening, F decides to tell M about her decision.


Episode 10 - Let's Stay Friends Forever

A year has passed. M is busy every day with his essay collection, but he still finds the time to attend his friend's funeral. In fact, M was the last person to speak to him before his passing. After the funeral, M walks into BAR Lighthouse and finds a commotion. It seems everyone has some kind of plan to move on. Even Sawada is quitting his job to work for a TikToker. M cannot help but feel a little lonely. Later on, at a bookstore, M gets a call from Kaoru, who is in a frenzy after a burst pipe floods BAR Lighthouse. Unlike their friends who are moving on with their lives, M and Kaoru both feel left behind. They realize this and make a certain promise to each other. Finally, M finds the right way to finish his essays.



Season 1

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