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Episode 1 - Connection

Dongsoo is kidnapped and loses an eye to an organ hunter. Dongsoo makes a narrow escape. Meanwhile, the corpse art killer is still on the loose. Dongsoo discovers he can connect to the vision of the person who got his eye, but the receiver turns out to be the serial killer.


Episode 2 - Conjunction

Dongsoo tracks down the murderer who got his eye with the help of the connected vision. With the organ hunter chasing after him, can Dongsoo find the murderer and get his eye back in time?


Episode 3 - Composition

The murderer is on the spree again. While trying to catch him, Dongsoo becomes a murder suspect. With help to get out of the quagmire, he learns the shocking truth about 'Connect.' Jinseop, the corpse art killer, becomes aware of Dongsoo’s existence.


Episode 4 - Confession

Dongsoo tells his secret to Detective Choi. Jinseop kidnaps the doctor who performed the eye transplant and forces a confession from him. Irang, an aspiring writer, tells Dongsoo the truth. Jinseop sets a trap to catch Dongsoo who thwarts his plans.


Episode 5 - Concoction

Jinseop has taken Z captive as bait to lure Dongsoo. To make matters worse, the junkyard owner is also in grave danger. Odds are stacked against Dongsoo as he tries to rescue them both from Jinseop.


Episode 6 - Confusion

Dongsoo is held captive at Jinseop’s atelier. Irang and Detective Choi set out to Jinseop's atelier but their conflicting interests stir up chaos.



Season 1

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