Dino Squad Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S01:E01 - The Beginning

Five teens gain the power to transform into dinosaurs.


Episode 2 - S01:E02 - Growth Potential

Rodger uses his human brains and dinosaur brawn to stop a monstrous mutation.


Episode 3 - S01:E03 - Tangled Web

Caruso's quest for fame endangers his secret identity.


Episode 4 - S01:E04 - T-Rex Formation

Caruso cheats by using his Dino powers to make a team.


Episode 5 - S01:E05 - Who Let The Dog Out

Caruso gets into trouble watching after Rump.


Episode 6 - S01:E06 - Bully4U

Buzz has trouble with bullies at school.


Episode 7 - S01:E07 - The Lost Worldwide Web

Buzz reveals a secret to an online "friend," who turns out to be Victor Veloci.


Episode 8 - S01:E08 - Headline Nuisance

A tabloid reporter comes to town for a big story; Caruso's quest for fame puts the team in danger.


Episode 9 - S01:E09 - Who'll Stop The Rain

Rodger plays a series of practical jokes on his teammates.


Episode 10 - S01:E10 - Zoom In On Zoom

Buzz sells a fake photo that the team must get back.


Episode 11 - S01:E11 - A Mole Lotta Trouble

Giant moles ruin Fiona's family's vacation spot.


Episode 12 - S01:E12 - The Not So Great Outdoors

Victor Velosi turns mutants loose in the forest.


Episode 13 - S01:E13 - Pet Peeve

Caruso creates an Internet show about pets, but the show is a disaster.



Season 1

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