Fate / Stay Night Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The First Day

Shirou Emiya is a high school student who always helps people around him whenever he has a spare moment.


Episode 2 - Fateful Night

After having a dream about her father, who participated in and died during the previous Holy Grail War, Rin expresses her disappointment at not being able to summon a Saber-class Servant.


Episode 3 - Opening

Saber refers to Shirou as her Master, which puzzles him, before she runs off to battle Lancer.


Episode 4 - The Strongest Enemy

The girl introduces herself as Illyasviel von Einzbern, then has her Servant, identified as being of the Berserker class, attack Saber, who is still wounded from her battle with Lancer.


Episode 5 - Two Magi (Part 1)

Feeling guilty about how he has been making Saber hide away from plain view, Shirō decides to introduce her to Sakura and Taiga during dinner, saying she is a distant relative of Kiritsugu's.


Episode 6 - Two Magi (Part 2)

A fleeing Shirō is eventually cornered by Rin, who offers to spare his life if he gives her his Command Seals.


Episode 7 - Despicable Act

Saber confronts Shirō over not summoning her against Rider.


Episode 8 - Discordant Melody

Shinji defends his decision to set the barrier up over the school, explaining that it was a defensive measure against Rin.


Episode 9 - Moonlit Elegance

Arriving at Ryuudou Temple, Saber battles an Assassin-class Servant claiming to be Sasaki Kojiro, who is guarding the temple gateway.


Episode 10 - A Peaceful Interlude

Shirō has his first training session with Saber.


Episode 11 - Fresh Blood Temple (Blood Fort Andromeda)

Shirou is tricked to come to school by Shinji, and he finds himself in the midst of a trap after the Blood Fort Andromeda is activated by Rider.


Episode 12 - Tearing The sky

Shirou and Saber travel through town trying to find Shinji and Rider but are unsuccessful at first.


Episode 13 - Winter Castle

Rin tells Shirō that he will have to use a command spell and make Saber assault humans in order to regain her mana.


Episode 14 - End of The Ideal

Ilyasviel sets Berserker on them. Archer battles Berserker.


Episode 15 - The Twelve Trials

In order to replenish Saber's mana, Shirō gives a part of his magical circuit to Saber.


Episode 16 - The Sword of Promised Victory

After Shirō manages to trace a sword powerful enough to defeat Berserker - Caliburn, he and Saber work together to defeat him.


Episode 17 - Branded As A Witch

With mass comas now occurring within the city, Shirō and the others decide to go after the Master and Servants at the Ryudōji shrine.


Episode 18 - Decisive Battle

Shirou, Rin and Saber attempt to rescue Sakura and to stop the Holy Grail from being summoned.


Episode 19 - The Golden King

With victory all but won for Caster, an eighth Servant in golden armor appears.


Episode 20 - Distant Trace of a Dream

Upon realizing his feelings for Saber, Shirō asks her to go out on a date with him around town.


Episode 21 - The Star of Creation That Divided Heaven and Earth

While walking back home together, Shirō and Saber are attacked by the Servant Gilgamesh.


Episode 22 - At The End of Wishes

After going to Kirei's church, Shirō is captured.


Episode 23 - Holy Grail

After Ilya is taken by Kirei, Shirō and Saber head to the Ryudōji shrine in order to defeat him.


Episode 24 - All Too Distant Utopia

The final order Shirō commands to Saber is to destroy the Holy Grail.



Season 1

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