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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Honey, Cherries, Garlic Scapes & Carrots

Host Amanda Herrera transforms market fresh honey, cherries, garlic scapes and carrots into two simple chic sides and an irresistible desert.


Episode 2 - Sprouts, Veggies & Potatoes

Host Amanda Herrera creates two summer fresh salads and a hearty breakfast using sprouts, potatoes and leafy lambs quarters.


Episode 3 - Kohlrabi, Fennel, Kale & Red Cabbage

Host Amanda Herrera shows us why fresh is always best with two creative dishes using ingredients from the farmers' market.


Episode 4 - Raspberries, Mint, Peas & Apricot

Zestful cook Amanda Herrera scoops up raspberries, peas, mint, and apricots to use in three summer recipes.


Episode 5 - Collard Greens, Maple Syrup, Goat Cheddar & Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

Host Amanda Herrera prepares a frittata, rosemary skewer chicken and panzanella with fresh ingredients from a local farmers' market.


Episode 6 - Broccoli, Rainbow Chard & Herbs

Warm host Amanda Herrera picks up colourful produce and herbs at a farmers' market to make a delicious appetizer and tasty cold oil French fries.


Episode 7 - Honeycomb, Shallots & Iceberg Lettuce

Host Amanda Herrera transforms fresh market ingredients into two irresistible dishes, including a one pot Honeycomb Lamb Curry.


Episode 8 - Patty Pan Summer Squash & Cabbage

Host Amanda Herrera grills up two dinner recipes using patty pan summer squash and cabbage that she picked up from the market.


Episode 9 - Beans, Raspberry Jam & Relish

On this episode, host Amanda Herrera prepares succulent burgers with golden fries and a refreshing cocktail.


Episode 10 - Cream, Sunflower Oil & Cherry Tomatoes

Using cream, sunflower oil and cherry tomatoes from the market, host Amanda Herrera makes an irresistible pasta recipe and indulgent dessert.



Season 1

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