Futsal Boys!!!!! Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Dream's Kickoff!

Haru Yamato is just a beginner, but him and fellow classmate Seiichiro Sakaki take on some delinquents in a futsal match who later show up at their school to start trouble.


Episode 2 - Play-Caller Sakaki?

Futsal practice gets underway, but Haru is frustrated that Seiichiro never passes the ball. Before they play his former teammate, team captain Toi Tsukioka makes some bold changes to the team.


Episode 3 - First Match! Adalbert

With the Fresh Cup prelim matches just around the corner, Ryu tries to convince his old friend to play futsal again while Toi is busy addressing Seiichiro's reluctance to pass.


Episode 4 - Taiga and Ryu

Having yet to fix their problems, the Koyo Futsal Club faces the prefecture's best team. The game opens with Koyo falling behind, but Ryu is hopeful that Taiga will show up so they can play together again.


Episode 5 - The Unforgettable Past

Haru and Seiichiro try to work on their synchronization with a little help from Ryu. Later on, Haru heads to the quarterfinals in Tokyo to see his idol, Tokinari Tennoji, in person.


Episode 6 - Surpass!

Pained by his past, Haru stops showing up to futsal practice. Some of the team tries to reach out to him, but it's his rival who helps him find the answer he needs.


Episode 7 - Sparkling Stars! Amanogawa Gakuen!

To get the team to start working together, Toi holds a futsal training camp by the beach. Seiichiro begins to learn to trust his teammates by playing celebrities and a different sport entirely.



The Koyo Futsal Club heads into the Summer Sky Cup with a bit more practice under their belts. One of the teams they face is a group of guys who just want to have fun.


Episode 9 - Team Play

With Momomi threatening a comeback, Seiichiro starts to lose his cool. When things get worse, Toi resorts to pulling him out of the game to show him the power of team play.


Episode 10 - What I Don't Want to Lose

Though fatigued, Momomi attempts to rally and beat Koyo in the quarterfinals. And by pure chance, Haru learns who may be responsible for Seiichiro's behavior.


Episode 11 - Unerasable Memories

In the Summer Sky Cup Final, Koyo faces Adalbert to get revenge for eliminating them in the first round of the Fresh Cup, and to move forward towards Nationals.


Episode 12 - Unconcedable Dream (Goal)

With their dreams of going to Nationals on the line, Koyo goes all out against Adalbert. Their chances of beating such a skilled team are slim, unless they can trust one another to play to the max.



Season 1

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