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Episode 266 - You Can Never Pause at the Perfect Time

It's an emergency! Time has stopped in Edo! In the very first episode of the new season, time has frozen for everything and everyone except Gin-san, Kagura, and Shinpachi! Just what does fate have in store for Edo?!


Episode 267 - Even a Matsui Stick Can't Handle Some Kinds of Dirt

The cause of the time freeze was just a dead battery?!


Episode 268 - An Inspector's Love Begins with an Inspection

Since Gin-san was the White Yaksha, a major player in the Joi war, Hijikata orders a stakeout on Odd Jobs in order to find out if he's still connected to the Joi rebels.


Episode 269 - Forget Dates, Remember People / You Can Hide Your Porn Mags But You Can't Hide Your ***

Gin-san takes history lessons, and teaches you how to hide your porn mags?


Episode 270 - A Mirror Provides a Frozen Reflection of Both Your Beautiful and Ugly Sides / Nobody Likes the Photo on Their License

Peeping at Odd Jobs through a mirror? One morning, Gin-san notices that the Odd Jobs kitchen has been fitted with a brand-new mirror. Stuck on it is a note from Otose, but it was all a ruse for Sacchan to peep at Gin-san from inside the mirror!


Episode 271 - Arriving Late to a Reunion Makes it Hard to Enter

Gin-san is invited to a Joi Rebels reunion where he finds two fellow survivors of the Joi War era reminiscing about the past. Gin-san tries to leave, but he's shocked to learn that the reunion was organized by the phantom fifth man, Kurokono Tasuke.


Episode 272 - A Reunion Also Brings to the Surface Things You Don't Want to Remember

With the letter from Takasugi as the catalyst, the Joi rebel gang takes a trip down memory lane to the Joi War era.


Episode 273 - When Compared to Time in the Heavens, Fifty Years of Human Life Resembles Naught but Dreams and Lottery Tickets

Hijikata is offered a lottery ticket by the old lady who runs the cigarette store he frequents.


Episode 274 - Guys With Big Nostrils Also Have Big Imaginations / You Never Accept a New Sentai Series at the Start, But By the Final Episode, You Don't Want It to End

Gin-san realizes that Odd Jobs hasn't gotten any requests lately due to a lack of publicity. He tries to make a catchy poster with the help of Kagura and Shinpachi, but their ideas all seem somewhat familiar. Just what kind of poster will they create?


Episode 275 - 9 + 1 = Yagyu Jyubei

Kyubei encounters a fortune teller on the street who offers her a strange suggestion. But before she can respond, all of Kabuki District is enveloped in a mysterious light!


Episode 276 - Calories Come Back to Bite You Just When You've Forgotten About Them

The mysterious light that covered all of the Kabuki District swapped the genders of everyone who was exposed!


Episode 277 - 10-1=

Thanks to the efforts of the Gintama hunks, the gender-swapping situation creating chaos in the Kabuki District is resolved. Though not everybody got their original bodies back.


Episode 278 - All Mothers Pack Too Much Food Into a Lunch Box and Ruin the Shape

Seita has started going to temple school, but he finds it hard to fit in with the others due to Hinowa's extravagant stacked lunch boxes.


Episode 279 - The Reaper by Day and the Reaper by Night

The Kabuki District is thrown into turmoil by a series of serial killings targeting drunkards, and there are rumors that it's the work of a Reaper.


Episode 280 - Human or Demon?

The Reaper was Ikeda Asaemon, who had committed the sin of betraying and killing the former head of her family. The current family head, Ikeda Yaemon, asks Odd Jobs to keep Asaemon safe.


Episode 281 - Farewell, Reaper

Asaemon attacks Yaemon, but struggles to counter Yaemon's overwhelming strength. And when Yaemon tells Asaemon about how Gintoki killed her biological father, her determination falters. Just who will Asaemon kill, Gintoki or Yaemon?


Episode 282 - A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes Over and Over

Has Madao finally found a job?! For some reason, he's become the friendly scary-story teller at the park and comes to Odd Jobs to collect some more scary stories.


Episode 283 - Amen

Gin-san opens up a confessional booth for Tama, but things go awry very quickly as the confessions lead him to a very painful truth.


Episode 284 - Being a Leader Is Tough

Gin-san gets arrested for killing a shogun?!


Episode 285 - Love Is a Roach Motel

The dirty hero who protects the Earth from the shadows of the kitchen shows up? It's the night of the summer festival, and everyone's in high spirits until Hijikata and Okita run into a man brandishing his sword at couples!


Episode 286 - A Sizzle Summer

The two big events of summer, watermelon splitting and endless homework, come together! Kagura and Princess Soyo wonder if there's a way to make watermelons even tastier, and Seita visits Odd Jobs to get help finishing his summer homework.


Episode 287 - I'm the Mayo Guy, and He's the Sweet Tooth

After miraculously escaping a traffic accident without a scratch, Gintoki and Hijikata realize that their souls somehow switched bodies! This bizarre body-swap transforms the Shinsengumi and Odd Jobs into drastically different organizations.


Episode 288 - I'm a Failure as a Leader, and He's Also a Failure as a Leader

Upon finding out that their souls were switched by Gengai's Fully Automatic Egg-on-Rice Maker, Gintoki and Hijikata search for the missing half of Gintoki's soul.


Episode 289 - I'm Odd Jobs, and He's Shinsengumi

Gintoki and Hijikata try everything they can to split Otae and Dozaemon-san up, but there are some other switcheroos happening behind the scenes.


Episode 290 - Always Leave Enough Room for Fifty Million in Your Bag

Mutsu gets sick of Sakamoto after his idea of selling bags with room for 50 million falls flat, and dumps him in the ocean.


Episode 291 - Always Leave Enough Room for Pebbles in Your Bag

With Sakamoto held captive by the former commander of the Chidori space pirates, Mutsu is forced to relive her past. Meanwhile, Gintoki comes to a startling realization about the woman known as the Razor XO.


Episode 292 - Style Goes Out of Fashion the Moment It's Put Into Words / There Are Two Types of People In This World: Those Who Yell Out Their Attack Names, and Those Who Don't

Shinpachi and the rest of Odd Jobs decide to go for a new look, with predictably disastrous results. In the second half, Shinpachi is tasked with learning the ultimate move left behind by his father.


Episode 293 - The Two Apes

Kondo comes face to face with the legendary thief Ape Boy, who takes him under his wing.


Episode 294 - Afros of Life and Death

Katsura infiltrates the Shinsengumi in a bid to take it down from the inside, but he finds he has an unexpected foe to deal with.


Episode 295 - Afuro and Wolfro

Katsura spreads baseless rumors about Saito and puts him on trial. Gin-san and the others try to prevent his execution.


Episode 296 - Take the Initial Premise Lightly, and It'll Cost You

The extreme heat of summer reminds everyone that Kagura is vulnerable to sunlight. She becomes seriously ill, or so it seems.


Episode 297 - Keep Your Farewells Short

What was supposed to be a mere feigned illness turned into a state funeral for Kagura! How can she get out of this?


Episode 298 - One Editor Is Enough / The G-Pen Is Capricious, and the Maru Pen Is Stubborn

Gintoki helps Shachi, his partner in the mangaka duo Akurogi Musai, confess to a woman he's infatuated with, and later with meeting a deadline.


Episode 299 - Strike When the Sword and Overlord are Hot / Oil Rain

Tetsuko, the swordsmith, asks Odd Jobs to look after her store, and Tama makes an oil-blooded friend.


Episode 300 - Shogun Assassination Arc Part One: Shoguns of Light and Shadow

The shogun's assassination is set in motion.


Episode 301 - Shogun Assassination Arc Part Two: Ninja Village

After Zenzo's shocking betrayal, Takasugi looks to drive the shogun faction into a corner. Kamui also looks to do the same, but runs into Okita.


Episode 302 - Shogun Assassination Arc Part Three: Ninja Soul

The full truth about the Iga ninjas' involvement in the shogun assassination plot comes to light, as well as a surprising aspect of the shogun and Oniwaban's past.


Episode 303 - Shogun Assassination Arc Part Four: And Then There Were Five

Only Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachi, Kondo, and Hijikata remain to protect the shogun from the Yato onslaught.


Episode 304 - Shogun Assassination Arc Part Five: Those Who Protect Against All Odds

Kagura vs. Kamui. Gintoki vs. Takasugi. The long-awaited battles finally begin!


Episode 305 - Shogun Assassination Arc Part Six: Sworn Enemy

Gintoki and Takasugi continue their fierce battle, and the truth about their past, and the animosity between them, is finally revealed.


Episode 306 - Shogun Assassination Arc Part Seven: The Crows Caw After the Battle Ends

The Tendoshu and Yatagarasu swoop in for the kill after the Shogun and Hitotsubashi factions wear each other out.


Episode 307 - Shogun Assassination Arc Part Eight: Farewell, Buddy

Shigeshige makes his intentions clear in the face of Nobunobu's appointment as shogun. Meanwhile, the full aftermath of the battle finally comes to light.


Episode 308 - Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part One: The Day the Demon Cried

Big changes are afoot in Edo in the wake of Shigeshige's funeral and Nobunobu's appointment as shogun.


Episode 309 - Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Two: Heroes Always Arrive Fashionably Late

As people struggle to come to terms with the new environment in Edo, Hijikata and Okita get some rather unexpected visitors.


Episode 310 - Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Three: Lost and Found

Katsura reveals to Kondo that he got himself caught on purpose, and reveals his ingenious scheme.


Episode 311 - Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Four: Prison Break

As Kondo and gang run around Kokujo Island waiting for help to arrive, the Shinsengumi and Joi Rebel joint operation is joined by an unexpected third party!


Episode 312 - Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Five: Stray Dogs

As the joint front makes landfall at Kokujo Island, Gintoki puts his plan into action.


Episode 313 - Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Six: Undelivered Mail

Sasaki Isaburo's past with the Shinsengumi, Matsudaira, and Imai Nobume is finally revealed.


Episode 314 - Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Seven: Karma

Things come to a head on Kokujo Island, as death itself descends upon the battlefield.


Episode 315 - Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Eight: Nobume

With everyone fighting to regroup and escape, Sasaki makes a crucial mistake once more.


Episode 316 - Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Nine: Farewell Shinsengumi

The complete fallout of the events at Kokujo Island comes to light, bringing unforseeable farewells.



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