Girls' Frontline Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - THE SEED

AR Team is trapped in enemy territory, and must break an encirclement to deliver valuable data back to base. But the enemy numbers are vast, and there's only a few of them…


Episode 2 - WAKE UP

A new commander arrives at the forward base, and is quickly sent into battle. But a high-priority mission comes in before she even has a chance to get her feet wet.


Episode 3 - THE ECHO

M4A1 is trapped behind enemy lines with a deadly Sangvis Executioner after her. But even with Griffin T-Doll teams nearby, she's still reluctant to turn to them for help...


Episode 4 - SILENCE 01

The mission to recover the other missing members of AR Team begins. They recover SOPII, but she quickly clashes with her new commander.


Episode 5 - SILENCE 02

A tense standoff during the attempt to rescue AR15 is interrupted when the Sangvis troops go out of control and start shooting each other.


Episode 6 - THE MESSAGE 01

M4A1 continues her search for M16. But the members of 404 are after her as well, and they don't have good intentions…


Episode 7 - THE MESSAGE 02

AR Team tracks down Intruder, the Sangvis T-Doll commander. But Intruder is a commander-type, and has more than a few tricks up her sleeve…


Episode 8 - THE KINDLING 01

Griffin's commanders are summoned to an emergency meeting at a secret HQ after the discovery of a piece of secret Sangvis data.


Episode 9 - THE KINDLING 02

AR Team goes on the hunt for Destroyer, the Ringleader behind the attack on the secret HQ. But something's wrong with AR15…


Episode 10 - THE KINDLING 03

AR15 is now a fugitive, hunted by both Griffin and Sangvis. The rest of AR Team wants to hunt for her, but Griffin has other plans for them.


Episode 11 - COMET 01

Squad Negev is assigned to help find the missing AR15. But they're cut off by Sangvis and trapped.


Episode 12 - COMET 02

As the Sangvis Mastermind throws hordes of T-Dolls at Griffin in an attempt to capture M4A1, AR15 prepares herself to make one last sacrifice for her friends.



Season 1

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