If Her Flag Breaks

If Her Flag Breaks Season 1 Episodes

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Episode 1 - I'm Going to Marry Her Once I Leave This School

On her way to school, Nanami Knight Braidfield encounters a boy who saves people from a collision.


Episode 2 - Girls are in the Dorm. But I can't say it yet. Wait Until Tomorrow.

Souta Hatate meets his old friend Okiku. They have renovated the Quest Dorm thanks to Mimori Seiteikouji’s volunteers.


Episode 3 - Leave it to Me, There is a Chance We're Going to Win This Athletic Meet

Everyone is settling in at Quest Dorm when Akane gets a female android named Ninjabayashi Ruri from her family.


Episode 4 - We're Almost to the Goal. The Track Meet 'll End Just Fine.

The week-long track meet starts. A new member joins, and everyone tries to prevent the Quest Dorm from shutting down and Souta being expelled.


Episode 5 - Believe and Wait for Me. I'm not Going to be Late for My Date With Everyone.

Souta promises to go on a date with Akane, and the rest of Quest Dorm finds out about it, and wants to go as well.


Episode 6 - Phew. Don't scare me like that. I guess you're just a little sister.

Daimyouzamurai Mei, a transfer student, joins class 1-F. She seems to also have the ability to see and manipulate flags.


Episode 7 - I Learned Something Amazing. I'll Hide Myself Before I can be Erased

Hatagaya Academy goes on a trip near the ocean, and Souta meets Daishikyougawa Kurumiko there. Souta enlists the help Mimori Seiteikouji, the granddaughter of the chair.


Episode 8 - I'll catch up to you. Have I ever broken a promise to you before?

Souta returns home with Kikuno during summer break, and is spoiled by her. Ruri shows up all of a sudden and takes him away. He ends up at Akane's house.


Episode 9 - Someday, it'd be Nice if We Could all Go to a Festival Together Again

The Quest Dorm goes to Nanami's home country, the Principality of Bladefield, and meets Nanami's little sister Hakua, and the crown prince. There's big news about Hakua and Nanami.


Episode 10 - Hold this for Me. The Winner of the Beauty Contest is Written Here.

Souta recommends the Quest Dorm enters the Miss Hatagaya Academy Beauty Contest. Nanami gives a speech to cheer up Souta, and wins a festival pass.


Episode 11 - We Don't All Have to Dance. I Can Dance by Myself.

The mysterious girl is idol Serika Ginyuuin. During her concert Souta’s powers increase and time freezes. No. 0 tells Souta he must leave or the world will be destroyed.


Episode 12 - It's a Cruel World. I'm Going to Take a Look in the Shadows.

Souta fights the Angelus Gemini to protect his world by placing “Death Flag” on his enemies. Nanami learns from Riru how she is linked to Souta.


Episode 13 - If His Flag Breaks

Souta regains his memory and learns he knew the girls once before, but had Laplace’s Demon save them.



Season 1

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