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Episode 40 - For Our Bonds

With Fransia under Big Cimaron's control, escape is nearly impossible for Yuri as Conrad arrives and is ordered by King Belar to execute him!


Episode 41 - Conrad's Return

As Fransia forms an alliance with the Demon Kingdom and Conrad remains imprisoned, Yuri and the others seek to discover the reason for his betrayal.


Episode 42 - Distant Promise

Yuri's older brother thinks back to when Yuri was younger and the two brothers spent the day at an amusement park to get away from their feuding parents.


Episode 43 - Baby Panic at Covenant Castle

A number of children are gathered for a celebration at Covenant Castle, including Hube and Nicola's son El.


Episode 44 - The Phantom Girl

Lady Ulrike falls ill, while at the same time, a girl that resembles her appears in town and demonstrates incredible magical powers.


Episode 45 - The Betrothed vs The Fiance

Princess Elizabeth, the winner of the Great Demon Kingdom beauty pageant, is used by Stoffel to enact a plan to form a bond with Yuri, but she claims to already be engaged, to Wolfram?!


Episode 46 - The Priestess in the Forest

Continuing the hunt for the final box, Yuri and the others hear of a box at the bottom of a lake and head there.


Episode 47 - Proof Of Life

Bandits threaten a small town and Gwendal finds himself joining Conrad's father, Lord Dunheely, in helping the townspeople.


Episode 48 - Big Shimaron Strikes Back!

Big Cimaron proposes a student exchange as a cover to strike back after their box is stolen, but the Great Demon Kingdom and their allies don't fall for it.


Episode 49 - The Lion and The Wolf

Yuri is taken hostage by Adalbert, who demands to know if Yuri truly has Julia's soul, but he finds himself having to defend Yuri from Big Cimaron's soldiers.


Episode 50 - My Beloved Julia

As the volcano erupts around them, the soldiers flee, leaving the children behind, while Adalbert, overcome with emotion from Julia's fate, angrily duels Conrad.


Episode 51 - Revenge Fiend? Maxine

Maxine returns and kidnaps Yuri in a bid to earn fortune and power, but quickly changes his plan and takes the maids hostage instead, but will he survive?


Episode 52 - Conrad Standing Tall

Yuri finds himself transported back in time to the era of Celi's rule, where he comes face to face with Julia.


Episode 53 - Dear King Yuri

Embarking on a tour of the nation, Günter writes to Yuri, telling him the story of a town in the distant west and the lone woman who keeps the frightened people united.


Episode 54 - The Holy Sword and The Demon Sword (Part 1)

When someone using the Holy Sword appears, everyone believes that Alford is responsible, but Yuri isn't quite so convinced.


Episode 55 - The Holy Sword and The Demon Sword (Part 2)

Discovering the man using the sword is possessed, Alford explains how he lost his blade, leading Yuri to a showdown.


Episode 56 - The Shadow Begins to Move

When Conrad's arm and Gwendal's eye begin to experience pain, a feeling of impending darkness washes over them as faceless puppets kidnap Wolfram.


Episode 57 - The Creature From the Darkness

Yuri joins the captured Wolfram and the pair are to be handed over to King Belar, but before this happens, their transport is intercepted by a magic use.


Episode 58 - The King of Chao

Yuri heads for Big Cimaron, intent on convincing Belar to stop fighting.


Episode 59 - Demons, to Earth

After Ulrike reveals that the final box is located on Earth, Yuri and the others travel there, meeting Yuri's family, who have known all along about Yuri's role as Demon King!


Episode 60 - Big Brothers Anguish

Shori meets with Rodriguez, who requests that Shori persuade Conrad and the others to return to the Demon Kingdom.


Episode 61 - Another Demon King

The group travel to Switzerland to meet the Demon King of Earth, Bob. Once there, Shori tries again to convince Yuri to come home and abandon his throne.


Episode 62 - Entrusted Hope

The two Demon Kings clash in a battle of magic, with the fourth and final box on the line. Who will be victorious?!


Episode 63 - Showdown! The Demon King VS The Boney Corps

With all four boxes gathered in one place, the animals of the Demon Kingdom get restless, and the Boneys are no exception, leading them to kidnap little El!


Episode 64 - The Return Of Snow Gunter

Günter is affected by the Wincott poison once more and Julia's father comes to help cure him, but suddenly, Günter's body begins to move by itself!


Episode 65 - One Who Braves Through the Snow

One of the maid trio falls ill thanks to the effects of a strange miasma, and the only cure is a rare herb.


Episode 66 - Willpower

When Yuri, Conrad, Murata, and Wolfram return to Earth to retrieve something Yuri left behind, they aren't able to get back to the Demon Kingdom!


Episode 67 - A Bridge to Tomorrow

A group of humans begin to rebuild a bridge that once linked their village to the Demon Kingdom before the war 20 years ago.


Episode 68 - The Glorious Era

Günter teaches Yuri about the founding of the Great Demon Kingdom and the man known as the Great One


Episode 69 - What Must be Protected

Shori finds himself pulled into the Demon Kingdom and immediately begins to question the sealing ceremony, and it appears his concerns may have merit!


Episode 70 - The Forgotten Race

The castle is under siege as Lady Ondine's sister, Seraphine, attacks in the belief that she must destroy the keys to the boxes.


Episode 71 - Big Brother's Rampage

While practicing with his new power, Shori loses control, leading him into a showdown with his own brother!


Episode 72 - The Sealed One

Remorseful for his actions, Shori apologizes to Yuri while expressing his continued concerns over the sealing ceremony.


Episode 73 - The Heartbeat of Darkness

As the sealing ceremony begins, Yuri loses his focus when Wolfram attacks while a shadow appears, grabbing the keys to the boxes and opening them.


Episode 74 - The Ruler of Truth

With Wolfram's heart stopped, Yuri vows to save him, while Murata reveals the Great One's true plans involving the former Demon Queen...


Episode 75 - The Sun and the Moon

The Great One begins a two-front attack on both the Demon Kingdom and Earth, but as Yuri returns the three keys to Conrad, Gwendal, and Wolfram, he is betrayed by one of his own!


Episode 76 - Inside the Darkness

With the Great One inside Yuri's body, his plan falls into motion, while Shori trains with Ulrike to control his powers, and Günter starts to develop a strategy to stop the Great One.


Episode 77 - The Descent of the Demon King

The Great One reveals why Yuri was chosen to become the Demon King as the others all work in their own ways to free Yuri.


Episode 78 - Until the Day We Meet Again

The battle between the Great One and Yuri comes to a close, beginning the next chapter in the Great Demon Kingdom



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