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Episode 1 - My First Time Begging for It

Hashiba Junichi is a high school student who desperately wants to lose his virginity. His evil friends force him to ask out a gal in his class, Yame Yukana, so he begs her to date him while kneeling on the ground.


Episode 2 - My First Karaoke

Junichi’s kneeling love confession worked and he’s now dating Yukana. Yukana invites Junichi to karaoke after school, and according to his friends that’s where couples go to have sex. Will Junichi lose his virginity already?


Episode 3 - My First Spray-On Gal

Junichi finds a love letter in his shoe box after school, but feels compelled to properly turn the girl down. As it turns out, there’s another gal waiting for him who starts to get hot and heavy with him.


Episode 4 - My First Serious Gal

Junichi is eating lunch with Yukana in the courtyard, but Ranko is with them ruining the atmosphere. After school, Kashii Yui takes Junichi to a cafe to find out whether Junichi and Yukana are truly dating.


Episode 5 - My First Half-Assed Gal

Junichi dreams about having sex with Yukana and is in a rather pleasant mood. But could this be more than just a dream?!


Episode 6 - My First Time at Yame-san's House

Junichi is getting much closer to Yukana, and Shinpei suggests playing the King Game in order to get even closer. Junichi and the gang meet up at Yukana’s house. Will it be a raunchy night of fun and games?


Episode 7 - My First Job

The gang decides to go to the beach for summer vacation! In order to save up some money for the trip, Junichi starts working at a cosplay cafe.


Episode 8 - My First Trip

It’s the beach episode everyone’s been waiting for! After spending a little time getting wet and having fun, Junichi’s friends are left wanting. So when the evening hits, they’ve got a pervy plan for peeping!


Episode 9 - My First Fight

After Yukana runs into a former classmate, Junichi begins to question her attraction to his lame self. His jealousy leads him to say some seriously dumb things that wind up driving Yukana away! Has Junichi completely f’d things up?


Episode 10 - My First Confession

Junichi isn’t ready to let his relationship with Yukana end. After sacking up and confronting the douchey Dai, he’s got to get back on his knees and beg for Yukana to come back! But is she ready to forgive him?



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