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Episode 1 - A Song to Destiny

After participating in a clandestine fight, Diego flees from the police and ends up at the Oasis, a neighborhood bar. At this same time, Candela is singing for Fede Ariza, the most important music producer in the country. Their first meeting years after high school doesn't start well, but they both realize there's something special every time they're together. While Diego can't seem to get out of the world of illegal fighting, Candela begins her path to stardom.


Episode 2 - I Want

Diego leaves the world of illegal fights, but it is not easy since he needs the money. When it seems that Diego and Candela's friendship could go further, she leaves the city for a few days to record the first singles of her contract with Sierra Records. Candela is doing what she had always dreamed of, but she can't stop thinking about Diego, who can't get her out of his mind either. Although they each advance separately, they cannot help but see each other again.


Episode 3 - The Last Movie

After their first kiss, Diego and Candela decide that they want to start something together. However, it seems that each one has their own rhythm in the relationship and that causes conflicts. An accident involving Diego sparring to be the contender for the Spanish boxing championship makes him rethink his vocation. Meanwhile, Candela's career is steadily growing and she manages to be the opening act for an influential international artist at a concert in Valencia.


Episode 4 - Broken Hearts

Several months have passed since Diego and Candela last saw each other in Valencia. Each has remade their life personally and professionally, but fate brings them together again. Diego has managed to become the contender for the Spanish title, and Candela is about to start her tour and is preparing for her exciting debut concert. They both want to support each other now that they are so close to achieving their dreams, but everything turns out to be much more complicated than expected.


Episode 5 - My Oasis

The result of Diego's fight is unexpected, and, unfortunately for him, it has unpredictable consequences. While Candela is rehearsing for her concert, Diego tells her he won't be able to be by her side. Something separates them again and it may be too dangerous for him. Diego never expected that his actions put Candela's integrity at risk. All the paths the couple has taken end in the most crucial moment of Candela's life in front of 17,000 people.



Season 1

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