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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Factor of Hope

Yu Narukams first day in a new school is overshadowed by the murder of a TV hostess on campus.


Episode 2 - No One is Alone

The strange deaths continue, with the most recent victim discovered hanging from a telephone pole.


Episode 3 - We Are Friends, Aren't We?

When Yukiko appears on the Midnight Channel, her best friend Chie leads the charge to rescue her.


Episode 4 - Somewhere Not Here

Chie, Yu, and Yosuke are hot on the trail of Yukiko, when suddenly her shadow reveals herself instead.


Episode 5 - Would You Love Me?

This battle is not like the ones before. Yu must summon all his courage, skills, patience and know how to defeat his latest foe: a clingy girl that just wont go away!


Episode 6 - I'll beat you, and beat you good

There's a new tough guy in town, and he means business. What will become of this new player, now that he's appeared in the Midnight Channel?


Episode 7 - Suspicious Tropical Paradise

Kanji's gone missing, or is in hiding, according to Naoto. Yu and the others suspect that he is somewhere in TV World, but Teddie needs something with his scent to find him first.


Episode 8 - We've lost something important again

Time for some R&R. While out on a school field trip, Yu and Yosuke learn the true meaning of fear: Yukiko and Chie's cooking!


Episode 9 - No One Sees the Real Me

While trying to escape the limelight, pop icon ""Risette"", aka Rise, steals away to the small town of Inaba.


Episode 10 - Real Me Doesn't Exist

Rise has disappeared into TV World, leaving behind only her shadow to guide Yu and the rest.


Episode 11 - Catch Me If You Can

A new murder victim is discovered in Inaba, without appearing on TV, which sends Yu and the others back to square one.


Episode 12 - It's Not Empty At All

With the culprit of the Inaba murders well within their sights, Yu and the rest experience a series of interweaving flashbacks, flash-forwards, and side flashes.


Episode 13 - A Stormy Summer Vacation (1)

Loveline is on the scene! Yu has been coming home late at night, tired and sluggish. Nanako is worried, so in true lil' sis fashion, dawns the Loveline persona to find out why!


Episode 14 - A Stormy Summer Vacation (2)

This week we'll take a look at the elusive Yu Narukami.


Episode 15 - The Long-Awaited School Trip

What's the best part of taking a school trip with friends? FREE TIME! Everyone's together and ready to party!


Episode 16 - Although the Case Was Closed

Naoto, still unconvinced that the murder case is closed, agrees to appear on TV.


Episode 17 - I Want To Know The Truth

Shadow Naoto is running roughshod over Yu and the others, robbing them of their youth one by one.


Episode 18 - Anniversary to Become a Family

At the Dojima househould, Dojima has made coffee for the family, something he has done since before his wife passed away.


Episode 19 - It's School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun!

The school holds its cultural festival and Yu meets Ayane Matsunaga of the Yasogami High School brass band.


Episode 20 - We'll All Meet at the Amagiya Hotel

After the exciting, yet equally tiring school festival, Yu and and the gang decide to spend the night at the Amagi Hotel.


Episode 21 - Don't Save Anyone Anymore

Unbeknownst to the others, Yu has uncovered a letter proving that the TV world murderer is still on the loose.


Episode 22 - It's just like Heaven

The Investigation Team stages a rescue of Nanako from Taro Namatame in the TV world.


Episode 23 - In Order to Find the Truth

Losing someone you love can be a heart rending experience. With the Inaba serial killer vanquished, Yu and the others are left to pick up the broken pieces.


Episode 24 - The World is Full of Shit

Teddie is in the Velvet Room where he reveals that he has discovered he is only a Shadow, but one that has acquired human emotions.


Episode 25 - We Can Change The World

Yu and his friends confront the true culprit behind the Midnight Channel events and uncover the truth behind the mysteries surrounding Inaba.



Season 1

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