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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - TGB Ep Eight: Break-Ups

With the relationship rumour mill in overdrive, The Boss picks the big winners and losers in the game of luuurve


Episode 2 - TGB Ep Seven: Wives Ruining Lives

The crowds may come out to watch the boys play, but are the WAGs the real stars?


Episode 3 - TGB Ep Six: Dirty Little Secrets

It's time to find out what the WAGs really think about their world and each other


Episode 4 - TGB Ep Five: How I Met My

Tahlia and Paige deliver some juicy home truths #howimetmy


Episode 5 - TGB Ep Four: Edging

The Goss Boss uncovers the all-natural, performance-enhancing pre-game ritual known as 'edging'


Episode 6 - TGB Ep Three: Scandals

The Goss Boss goes digging and uncovers scandals galore. Who's got the most to hide?


Episode 7 - TGB Ep Two: Farshun

TGB reveals what really happens in a WAGs walk-in wardrobe - is it really that pretty?


Episode 8 - TGB Ep One: New Jets On The Runway

Want more of your fave WAGs? The Goss Boss delivers the juice on the women who run the Jets



Season 1

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