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Episode 1 - Pilot (Part 1)

A comet is due to pass by Earth, but its trajectory changes to a collision course, causing widespread panic.


Episode 2 - Pilot (Part 2)

The 4400 returnees have no memory of where they've been, none have aged, and a small number are beginning to manifest paranormal abilities.


Episode 3 - The New and Improved Carl Morrissey

Carl Morrissey is a lowly supermarket employee who happens to be one of the 4400. He uses his new found powers to become a vigilante and fight crime in his neighborhood.


Episode 4 - Becoming

Tom and Diana are sent out to investigate a homicide that resembles the MO of a serial killer who was never caught. The first suspect is Oliver Knox, a member of the 4400.


Episode 5 - Trial By Fire

The 4400 are attacked by a series of bombings after Barbara Yates makes their names and addresses known to the public. Tom, Diana and Dennis try to put an end to the bombings.


Episode 6 - White Light

Tom is furious after finding out that Lytell has taken his son Kyle into custody. Meanwhile, Richard suspects that Collier is trying to take control of Lily's life.



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