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The 4400 Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Wake-Up Call (Part 1)

Tom and Diana investigate a mysterious structure being built at a psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile, Richard and Lily are desperate to protect their infant daughter from Collier.


Episode 2 - Wake-Up Call (Part 2)

Lily and the baby are hunted by a shotgun-toting preacher. Tom and Diana try to isolate the cause of the strange behavior at the hospital, and Diana discovers Maia's diary.


Episode 3 - Voices Carry

Gary Navarro, a minor league baseball player, finds that he is hearing everyone's unspoken thoughts. Seeking help, he is instead used as a mole to infiltrate Collier's 4400 Centre.


Episode 4 - Weight of the World

Tom and Diana investigate a 4400 with the ability to increase the human body's metabolism. Meanwhile, Lily suspects a new pregnancy as Richard stumbles onto a case of jealousy.


Episode 5 - Suffer the Children

A returnee teacher brings out amazing talent in her pupils, but some of the parents are wary. Meanwhile, Richard and Lily are confronted by police.


Episode 6 - As Fate Would Have It

Maia sees a vision of Collier's death. Meanwhile, Kyle's frightening blackouts are disrupting Tom's personal life, and Diana is asked to hand over Maia's diary to NTAC.


Episode 7 - Life Interrupted

Tom awakens in an alternate world where he's happily married, Kyle is a medical student, and no one has ever heard of the 4400. He must decide whether or not to stay.


Episode 8 - Carrier

Tom and Diana investigate a member of the 4400 who is deliberately passing on a plague, claiming to purify humanity. Meanwhile, a Washington D.C. lobbyist joins the 4400 Center.


Episode 9 - Rebirth

Tom and Diana investigate a 4400 with the ability to heal birth defects in unborn children. Meanwhile, Kyle is utterly despaired as he remembers what he did during his blackout.


Episode 10 - Hidden

NTAC follows a series of clues to find Jordan Collier's killer. Meanwhile, Tom faces a difficult choice between the law or his family.


Episode 11 - Lockdown

Threatening e-mails arrive at the NATC. Meanwhile, Kyle worries an innocent will be charged with killing Collier, and Maia develops a mysterious infection.


Episode 12 - The Fifth Page

Officials want to quarantine all the 4400 as others develop the same life-threatening infection Maia has. Meanwhile, Kyle contacts Marsden's girlfriend.


Episode 13 - Mommy's Bosses

Discovering that NTAC is behind the disease plaguing the 4400s, Tom and Diana try to get to the bottom of NTAC's cover-up, while Kyle considers turning himself in.


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