The Bachelorette Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S7 Ep. 1

Brooke Blurton takes center stage as the first Indigenous bi-sexual woman on The Bachelorette Australia. Brooke is eager to greet both the men and women vying to win over her heart.


Episode 2 - S7 Ep. 2

It's the pivotal photoshoot date where contenders are thrown together in photo worthy scenarios. Plus, Tensions between two contenders continues to bubble over, leaving one clearly coming out on top.


Episode 3 - S7 Ep. 3

Brooke takes a contender on a single date that's straight out of a movie. Then, the gloves come off on the group date as one of Brooke's love interests is targeted by some of the other contestants.


Episode 4 - S7 Ep. 4

In a single date that's all about self-care, Brooke cosies up to one of her suitors and leaves our Bachelorette knowing exactly where they stand with her. Then, the Cocktail Party with a twist!


Episode 5 - S7 Ep. 5

We're another step closer to finding out who has secured Brooke's heart. One lucky suitor's persistence pays off, not once but twice, leaving the others question their connection with Brooke.


Episode 6 - S7 Ep. 6

A skyscraper date leaves Brooke feeling on top of the world, before a human lie detector sees it all come crashing down. At the cocktail party, tensions rise and some hard-hitting truths are revealed.


Episode 7 - S7 Ep. 7

It's Mardi Gras madness, with two teams pitted against each other to win time with Brooke on the group date. At the cocktail party, one contender clears the air with Brooke in hopes of receiving a rose.


Episode 8 - S7 Ep. 8

One lucky contender is the first to score a second single date, while true intentions of the contenders are revealed on a play-inspired group date, featuring some little helpers.


Episode 9 - S7 Ep. 9

Brooke shows her vulnerability in the final group date. Then, just like that, Hometowns are here! Brooke's final four introduce her to their nearest and dearest with mixed results.


Episode 10 - S7 Ep. 10

The time has come for Brooke's final three contenders to woo her, From an adventure-filled day to a performance of a lifetime, who will pull out all stops to get closer to our Bachelorette?


Episode 11 - S7 Ep. 11

Tonight's the night. Brooke will finally reveal who she has chosen to do life with. But first, the final two must meet Brooke's nearest and dearest for a few hard home truths.



Season 7

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