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Episode 1 - Episode 1

After narrowly escaping a car bombing, Vincent and Alban, with the help of the DGSE, went into hiding in the Moroccan desert. Forced to live under false identities, they are employees of a transport company. Alban has found happiness in this new life, even finding love with Rachida. Vincent, on the other hand, dreams of going home to see Louise. When Alban learns that his mother is in the hospital, Vincent convinces him it’s time to return to Beaucastel. They make a deal with Tarek Ben Ali, a local criminal, who supplies them with false papers and plane tickets. At the same time, an FSB agent, believing that Vincent and Alban killed his brother, is looking for them—and is out for blood.


Episode 2 - Episode 2

Vincent and Alban find themselves in a Moroccan prison and discover that Tarek Ben Ali had orchestrated everything to force them to carry out a mission for him. He wants them to coax a prisoner, Attila, a notorious psychopath, into revealing where he has hidden the shipment of drugs stolen from the Moroccan mafia. Caught up in a gang war within the prison, our heroes are feeling the heat from all sides. As Christmas approaches, they yearn to return home to their loved ones. But the situation seems hopeless—especially since Dimitri, their FSB enemy, is closing in.


Episode 3 - Episode 3

In Beaucastel, Louise doesn’t believe the official version of events surrounding Vincent and Alban’s mysterious deaths and is obsessed with uncovering the truth. While visiting Solange in the hospital, she is followed by Dimitri, who is still on our heroes' trail. Meanwhile, Vincent and Alban are confronted by a team of highly trained mercenaries who mistake them for specialists in VX, the deadliest of biological weapons. Realizing there has been a misunderstanding, Vincent and Alban are obliged to play along if they don’t want to be eliminated immediately. They set off with the mercenaries on a dangerous mission to steal VX from a high-security laboratory in Scotland.


Episode 4 - Episode 4

It's the final stretch for Vincent and Alban, who are ready to do anything to get home for Christmas. On the side of a road, they have a heart-to-heart, sealing their friendship. Then they stop a truck driver, who gives them a lift to Beaucastel. But they don't have a solution to get rid of the VX. Vincent sees a chance to negotiate with the DGSE to recover their identities and get their former lives back. In the town square in Beaucastel, Vincent and Alban meet with the head of the DGSE and try to make a deal. But their enemies are all around them: Dimitri, the Russian assassin who wants revenge for his brother; Yuri, the mercenary who wants to recover the biological weapon; and Ben Ali's henchman, who wants to get his due.



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