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Episode 1 - Siamo Fuori

Argentina is disqualified from the upcoming World Cup, sending the country into a state of mourning. Lucho, who had made arrangements to go to the prestigious tournament with his son, hits rock bottom, both economically and emotionally. But a brilliant idea could change everything: steal the World Cup Trophy.


Episode 2 - Dream Team

Lucho and Wally recruit a group of beautiful losers to take part in the robbery. But putting together a gang and a master plan isn’t as simple as they imagined.


Episode 3 - The Heist

Lucho and his gang put into motion their plan to steal the World Cup Trophy. But absolutely nothing goes as planned on the big day.


Episode 4 - Salvador Bilardo

In possession of the World Cup Trophy, the gang takes to the internet with its ultimatum: if they want it back, they have to reinstate Argentina in the tournament. But when the authorities give no response, they begin to feel the pressure. And now, what do they do with the trophy?


Episode 5 - Gollum

The group debates over what to do with the trophy, while each member is beset by the worst misfortunes imaginable. Should they smelt the trophy? Sell it? Hide it? Manila’s pressure campaign begins to close in on the gang, forcing a rupture.


Episode 6 - Today, You Become a Hero

Lucho goes after Fafa and the trophy. Meanwhile, chaos ensues as news that the trophy is somewhere in the city leads scores of people into the streets to find it. Amid the disorder, security forces close in on members of the gang.



Season 1

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