Twisted Sisters Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Naked Truth

A cold-blooded murder in a devout prayer group triggers a bizarre investigation in Oregon; as police uncover unlikely culprits, chilling beliefs are brought to light.


Episode 2 - Bye Bye Baby

Deep-seated envy between two pregnant sisters leads to a twisted murder plot in an unsuspecting Midwestern town. This unspeakable crime leaves the Merrifield family destroyed.


Episode 3 - Daddy's Girls

Tensions arise when a new addition to the Finkle family shakes up their peaceful dynamic, but no one could predict the fatal and gruesome results to come.


Episode 4 - My Sister's Keeper

When 16-year-old Stephanie goes missing everyone in her life falls under scrutiny. An emerging web of lies and deception leaves investigators to puzzle out the sordid truth.


Episode 5 - Breaking Point

A long-simmering family feud takes a deadly turn when suspicions and tempers take over. It's a decades-long drama with a shocking ending that nobody sees coming.


Episode 6 - The Letter

A mysterious letter surfaces and contains a shocking twist in a homicide investigation. An entire family is impacted by the bombshell police uncover.



Season 1

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