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Episode 1 - Stage 1: Don't Look Down on Me! Entering the Game Industry!

Nayuta Azumi is a young game-developing prodigy who is known as an indie developer—someone who creates games on his own without the help of a major company or distributor. He goes by the name “John Doe” and is known as the “Banksy of the game industry,” as no one knows his true identity. However, he now works at an auto body shop and lives a quiet life away from game development. Meanwhile, a long-established toy manufacturing company called Atom Toys is struggling to compete with overseas prices, thus putting them in danger of going out of business. To turn the company around, Atom Toys begins its search for John Doe so that they can enter the game production business. With no funds or know-how, Atom grasps at straws and desperately scrambles to get in touch with this John Doe.


Episode 2 - Stage 2: The Enemy Is a Former Best Friend

The new Atom Toys is finally on the move, but Nayuta is having trouble coming up with new game ideas. CEO Umi Tominaga strongly suggests that they reunite the John Doe team, but Nayuta stubbornly refuses. Nayuta looks for a new partner, and Umi takes him to a Game Jam event, where he bumps into Hayato Sugou. Sensing a deep rift between the two, Umi visits Satoshi Morita at the internet game café. There, Morita tells her about the relationship between Nayuta, Hayato, and Koya Ogata, as well as their fateful encounter with Okitsu Akihiko.


Episode 3 - Stage 3: The Bank's Messenger

Ten months have passed since Nayuta and Hayato began creating games at Atom Toys. The characters designed by Shigeo and his team are full of life as they move on the computer screen, suggesting that the company is off to a good start in restructuring its business. However, Kenyu Oyamada from Yayoi Bank suddenly demands immediate repayment of their loan. With the deadline in one month, all of the employees begin raising money. Then, publisher Aki Sagara suggests participating in a large-scale presentation competition that connects investors with game creators. Nayuta and the team gamble on what may be their final chance.


Episode 4 - Stage 4: Time Out

Atom’s game was on the verge of being completed, but their data has been wiped clean. If they cannot restore the game in ten days, they will be unable to present it to the Indian investor, ending their chance of getting an investment from him. With time running out, Nayuta and the team attempt to restore the game posthaste, but he and Hayato argue over how to proceed. The company is enveloped in a negative atmosphere, and Umi, as the CEO, feels frustrated with her inability to bring it all under control. Meanwhile, Okitsu is planning his next move.


Episode 5 - Stage 5: Acquisition Complete

Atom Toys’ first game is finally complete. They get the right to work and submit their game to distribution sites, but all of them reject their request. Nayuta and his friends are at a loss as to why, and Okitsu asks if they would like their new game to be on the world’s largest game distribution site, operated by SAGAS. Nayuta and the others refuse to rely on Okitsu’s help and begin to do a small-scale distribution of the game on their own website. They also hold an Atom World trial event and distribute Gecchari Robots as part of their promotions, but their game sales stay stagnant. If anything, they become painfully aware of how powerful SAGAS actually is. Atom Toys has no cards left to play. But then, they receive a single email that turns the tide.


Episode 6 - Stage 6: Restart

A year has passed since SAGAS acquired Atom Toys. What is going on in Nayuta and the other former employees’ minds? Their thoughts now inspire them to take action!


Episode 7 - Stage 7: SOS From an Archenemy

Several years has passed since Atom Toys changed its name to Atom’s Last Shot and made a fresh start. The number of employees has increased, and the company has regained its former energy. Nayuta and Hayato meet people at a gathering for game creators and begin to look toward the next stage of their careers. Umi, as the president, has mixed feelings about this. Meanwhile, Okitsu senses an impending crisis when a large conglomerate, the Miyazawa Family Office, begins to acquire a large amount of SAGAS stocks. The company’s president, Saori Miyazawa, jumps in unexpectedly, and her company’s influence begins to creep onto Atom’s Last Shot as well.


Episode 8 - Stage 8: Part One of the Final Chapter, The Plan to Take Back Atom

With the Miyazawa Family Office’s acquisition of SAGAS looming over their heads, Nayuta decides to develop a game with his long-time enemy, Okitsu, in order to get back Atom’s technology. Meanwhile, Hayato decides to go to Seattle by himself, which deepens the rift between the two and causes them to part ways. The survival of SAGAS will be decided at the shareholder's meeting before which Nayuta must help develop a new game. However, as the deadline draws near, he is in a slump and unable to come up with new ideas. Okitsu sees that they are in deep trouble and goes to a man who may be his last hope. Finally, the fateful shareholders meeting is about to begin.


Episode 9 - Final Stage: Part Two of the Final Chapter, The Plan to Take Back Atom

Okitsu is taken by the police, and the SAGAS shareholders meeting turns into chaos. Now that Okitsu is no longer present at the meeting as the CEO, Miyazawa Family Office wins over powerful letters of attorney that leave the team with no chance of winning. Finding themselves in a bind, Nayuta takes the stage. Nayuta has fought alongside his colleagues to overcome many struggles in various situations. A great battle for the future of the game industry finally reaches the final stage. Which side will come out on top?



Season 1

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