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Episode 1 - The Groove Hotel

Three 40-something women, all stuck in the grind of their everyday lives, check into The Groove Hotel hoping to rediscover their youth, live joyously, and maybe find love with men half their age. Later, one of the young men makes a stunning admission.


Episode 2 - Mommy Issues

The 21 remaining guys vie for a coveted one-on-one date with each of the sexy singles. One young man opens up about his mommy issues. Steph unexpectedly sends someone packing.


Episode 3 - The Child Inside of Her

A shocking confession between the women changes everything. Steph opens up about the real reason she came to The Groove Hotel. Sparkle faces her fears with the help of an unconventional date. Tensions between two of Brooke's men reach a boiling point.


Episode 4 - What in the Malarkey

Brooke pivots in an unanticipated direction. Sparkle juggles three big personalities on her group date. And the cat is finally let out of the bag, leaving everyone at The Groove Hotel stunned. One young man even considers checking himself out.


Episode 5 - The Grooveyard

The leading ladies make peace with their past to make room for their future. Later, Steph and Sparkle double date. The ladies' villa gets steamy as Brooke invites one man over to her place.


Episode 6 - We Didn't Come Here for the Bros

The underdog goes deep on his long-awaited date with Sparkle. Steph makes an unexpected connection. Brooke does something on a very intimate date that she can never take back.


Episode 7 - The End Is Nigh

Steph and Sparkle go full throttle on their second double date. Brooke's fireside date goes up in flames. Reality hits The Groove Hotel as each woman is visited by an important person from their life back home.


Episode 8 - The Final Checkout

In the season finale, the women of The Groove Hotel each have one last romantic date before it's time to check out. They each came to The Groove Hotel for different reasons, but they are all leaving on the same terms: their own....



Season 1

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