Baymax! Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Cass

Cass meets her match in Baymax when an injury threatens to keep her from running the Lucky Cat Café.


Episode 2 - Kiko

Baymax urges a reluctant Kiko to ease her aches and face her fears.


Episode 3 - Sofia

Middle-school student Sofia faces some major life changes with Baymax’s unwavering support.


Episode 4 - Mbita

Mbita serves up a family favorite until an unexpected allergy and Baymax give him reason to change.


Episode 5 - Yachi

Hungry cat Yachi fiercely resists Baymax’s efforts to relieve him of an uncomfortable intrusion.


Episode 6 - Baymax

Baymax’s best patients come together in a frantic race to help the healthcare companion.



Season 1

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