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Episode 1 - Denial

Ilkin and Tolga have reached a point in their relationship where they can no longer communicate. Tolga is unhappy with the TV series he plays a role in. Ilkin tries everything she can think of to get him to talk to her. When that doesn't work, she decides that she either needs to give up on Tolga or do something extraordinary. Ilkin opens a fake social media account and sends him a message pretending to be another woman.


Episode 2 - Suspicion

Ilkin takes another risk and decides to give her fake profile a face. A young intern named Sinem who works at her office catches her eye. When Ilkin makes her an offer she can't refuse, Sinem accepts it without knowing what she's getting into. Ilkin dresses her up, informs her about Tolga, and explains for hours what he's like. Then, Sinem goes to meet Tolga as "Berlin".


Episode 3 - Bluff

Ilkin helps Sinem move up the ranks at the magazine in return for her help. When Tolga accidentally sends a message to Ilkin, thinking that he is texting Berlin, Ilkin suspects that their meeting was not so innocent. Sinem has fallen in love with Tolga, and Tolga can't get her out of his mind either. On the other hand, he can't give up on his love for Ilkin. Ilkin takes action to find out what's going on.


Episode 4 - Face-off

Ilkin wants to finish this facade, so she decides to end her relationships with Sinem and Tolga. She'll send Sinem to another magazine and leave Tolga. However, she'll wait for her magazine's annual awards ceremony to do so. Meeting at the ceremony, Tolga and Sinem set sail for new love with a passion they've been trying to hold back, while Ilkin ends up in a big accident.


Episode 5 - Acceptance

Ilkin makes sure that no one knows about her accident. Burcin asks Kenan, a holistic therapy specialist, to take care of Ilkin. Though she refuses the treatment at first, Ilkin decides to go through with it after finding out what Tolga and Sinem are doing. Tolga tries to convince himself that he has left his relationship with Ilkin behind and finds out about her accident by chance.


Episode 6 - Back to Life

When Tolga learns of the accident, he wants to run to Ilkin. However, he's afraid that if he sees her again, he will never be able to forget her. Tolga decides to devote himself entirely to his relationship with Sinem, but something he finds about Berlin shocks him. Ilkin, on the other hand, tries to comply with Kenan's directives, which she doesn't like very much.


Episode 7 - Letting Go

Just when Ilkin is getting used to Kenan and begins to open up to him, her time with him comes to an end. While Ilkin questions whether she has feelings for Kenan, he begins to look at her from a different perspective. They can't resist their feelings for each other and end up getting together. Meanwhile, Tolga is suspicious of Sinem as a result of the clue he discovered.


Episode 8 - Between the World and Us

Tolga finally learns the truth, but the premiere of his play has arrived. He decides not to face Sinem or Ilkin until the premiere is over. Ilkin wants to be there for the premiere to see that it's successful and to show herself that she and Tolga haven't lost each other for no reason. Knowing the extent of her love for Tolga, Kenan says his final words about it to Ilkin.



Season 1

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