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Episode 1 - The Family That Lassos Together, Stays Together

The Hernandez Family is so busy they can barely find time to eat dinner together, with mom Conisha going back to school, stepdad Alonso in the Navy and eldest son Te’Vean preparing for college. With guide Arel Moodie, the family heads to the desert to reconnect through a series of fun and hilarious games, like lassoing fake cattle, bringing them closer and helping them remember the good times.


Episode 2 - The Family That Dances Together, Stays Together

The Wilsondebrianos have been extremely busy ever since mom, Monique, and dad, Chevalo, launched their backyard burger business, ironically making it nearly impossible for them to find the time to even eat dinner with daughters Ashley and Amber. On their journey to a farm, guide Spirit Clanton organizes fun games and dancing to help them remember how much they mean to each other.


Episode 3 - The Family That Cooks Together, Stays Together

The Sherr-Garcia Family finds themselves pulled in a million different directions with son Miles going off to drama school, daughter Bette being an elite gymnast, papa Estevan busy at work and dad William coordinating it all. On their journey to a farm, guide Mike Dow creates a series of games to remind the family how well they know each other and how much they have always bonded over food.


Episode 4 - The Family That Balances Together, Stays Together

The Barker Family has just relocated from Pennsylvania to North Carolina for dad Dave’s job, making their lives a little out of balance. Long hours at work for Dave and a new school for daughters Emma and Lola means mom Lisa is kept on her toes. “Family Reboot” Guide, Arel Moodie, leads a series of fun activities, bringing them closer together and reminding them that home is where the heart is.


Episode 5 - The Family That Hula Hoops Together, Stays Together

The Marin Family is pulled in many different directions with dad, Shawn, working long hours, son Tyler working night shifts, son Ryan at school and mom, Becky, homeschooling youngest son Griffin, they barely get a chance for quality time. “Family Reboot” Guide Arel Moodie creates a series of activities designed to remind them that having fun with family is the most important thing of all.


Episode 6 - The Family That Bounces Together, Stays Together

The Strong Family lives up to their name as, along with daily life, they’ve been coping with son Bennett’s new diagnosis of epilepsy, a full-time job for them all. “Family Reboot” Guide Mike Dow creates a series of fun-filled activities that help remind the family that finding moments of fun and laughter between the stress can make a big difference, especially at Disney World.



Season 1

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