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Episode 1 - Throwing Heat

Kansas City Royals pitcher Tim Collins wants a ‘super-fast’ 1968 Mustang; Bob is a veteran who needs help getting his beloved 1950...


Episode 2 - Damaged Goods

Dan discovers that Bo's beloved 1970 Corvette needs a ton of work; Dan agrees to bring Steve's mangled 1964 GTO back to life.


Episode 3 - Now You See It

Jerry is a self-taught mechanic who shows up with a Plymouth Business Coupe in pieces; Bill asks Dan to find him a 1972 Gran Sport.


Episode 4 - Thunder Time

Ian wants a 1956 ‘baby bird’ restomod that drives like a sports car so Dan’s solution is a GTO-Thunderbird combo; Doc Pellerin’s 1937...


Episode 5 - High Impact

George brings in his beloved 1971 Mustang Mach 1 for a few repairs; FantomWorks is challenged to help Mick restore his 1952 Mercury Woody...


Episode 6 - Road To SEMA

Dan and FantomWorks need to get a 1968 Fastback and a 1964 Corvette to SEMA within a crushing time frame.


Episode 7 - 85 In The Fast Lane

Follow the controlled chaos of Fantomworks when there are 85 cars being worked on and multiple owners who expect miracles.


Episode 8 - Because I Can

Dan thinks Mickey's 1970 Chevelle is perfect but Mickey wants them to tear it apart and upgrade everything to make it his own; Thom's...


Episode 9 - Nightmare On Hampton Blvd.

Rick brings his 1972 Cadillac hearse to FantomWorks for a nightmare combination of gadgets, gizmos, and upgrades, including...


Episode 10 - Cold Day In Hell

Scott's 1953 Fleetwood takes a turn to the crazy when Dan adds rare features that the car never had in the first place; John wants...


Episode 11 - Tough Act To Follow

FantomWorks tries to succeed where four other shops failed to get a 1951 Buick Super back on the road; Jim's classic 1961 Corvette has a...


Episode 12 - Beast Mode

FantomWorks dives into prototype hell to give a former drag racer the superfast 1969 Chevelle of his dreams, complete with a supercharged...


Episode 13 - If It Sprays, It Stays

Dan agrees to fix a 1947 Mack firetruck that takes FantomWorks into wet and uncharted territory; Ken's 1971 Malibu Chevelle arrives as a...


Episode 14 - All Revved Up

Nick challenges Dan to a Chevelle vs. Camaro supercar showdown; Dan must build a 1969 Camaro pace car that can beat the fastest Chevelle...



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