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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 4 - Easier Said

Larry wants to drive his uncle's '59 DeVille; Brian wants to restore his grandfather's '60 Bel Air.


Episode 5 - Decades to Drive

Dave has plans for his dream '57 Corvette; Ken hopes FantomWorks can restore his 1954 Kaiser Darrin.


Episode 6 - One for Ole Miss

Sean asks Dan to find a 1969 Camaro that can be built into the custom resto-mod of his dreams.


Episode 7 - Legacy

Tom asks Dan to find him a rare 1967 Camaro Convertible with factory AC.


Episode 8 - One Mad Mustang, Part 1

Antonio and his cousin, Andres, challenge Dan to build the fastest Mustang CS in Mexico.


Episode 9 - One Mad Mustang, Part 2

The crew finishes the build of the ultimate Mustang Sleeper; Phil wants a '49 Chevy pick-up.


Episode 10 - Beetle Juiced

David wants a '67 Beetle that can outmatch muscle cars; Robert wants a widened '67 Corvette.


Episode 11 - Against the Grain

Breathing new life into a 1951 Mercury Woody; a 1970 Mustang Boss arrives with a list of problems.


Episode 12 - Bow Tie 'til I Die

Jay brings Dan a 2012 Camaro ZL1 with poor performance and a blown supercharger.


Episode 13 - Flatheads Forever

The crew transform a 1946 Ford Panel Wagon and fix a 1941 Harley Flathead motorcycle.


Episode 14 - Brick by Bricklin

Walter brings his 1975 Bricklin in for some fixes; Tim brings his 1954 Imperial to the shop.


Episode 15 - Elephant in the Room

Repairing a smashed-up 1973 Corvette; updating an asphalt-crushing 1970 Challenger convertible.


Episode 16 - Metro Mayhem, Part 1

Heirloom 1961 International Harvester Metro Van; restoring a 1966 Lincoln Convertible.


Episode 17 - Metro Mayhem, Part 2

Car owners must prove to Dan Short that they truly care about their cars before he restores them.



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