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Episode 1 - The Path of El Faraón

At 22, Lupe must leave her quiet life in Mexico, after receiving shocking news about her father, and travel to Colombia. There she meets Noah, her father's assistant, and together they embark on an adventure full of mystery and music.


Episode 2 - The Leap

Lupe and Noah arrive at the contest for the first round. She has continuous flashbacks of her father and feels that everyone is a possible suspect, but ends up asking Noah to join her and faces one of her biggest fears as soon as she gets on stage.


Episode 3 - The Bet

Everything gets complicated in the second round of the contest and Lupe and Noah's passage to the semi-final is in danger. To make matters worse, what began as an innocent fling in a bar will bring them face to face with a big threat. Meanwhile, Kevin receives a suspicious visit from his sister.


Episode 4 - Anonymous

With a new opportunity on the horizon, Lupe and Noah find the perfect song for their performance, but this arouses Pipe's fury. Determined, Angie tries to woo Sammy, but a request from Lupe ruins her plans and Kevin must come to the rescue.


Episode 5 - Guilty

Lupe investigates the threat, while Noah loses an object that could jeopardize his relationship with her. The contest semi-finals are approaching, but Pipe loses his voice and his performance is in jeopardy. Sammy and Kevin get closer.


Episode 6 - Paper Boats

In a jam session organized by the contest production, tensions between contestants rise. Following a clue, Lupe believes she discovers who is behind what happened to her father. Meanwhile, Noah must deal with an old flame who reappears to destabilize him.


Episode 7 - The Semi-final

Lupe and Noah are becoming more and more connected as they prepare for the semi-final. Believing to have discovered the truth about what happened to el Faraón, Lupe receives a big surprise that brings everything into question. Angie and Charly fight and flirt at the same time, while Sammy discovers Kevin's secret.


Episode 8 - Changing Course

After a long journey, Lupe is confronted with a very painful and unexpected truth and moves away from Noah. She must make a decision that may endanger those around her. Meanwhile, Sammy and Kevin chase the trail of Faraón's guitar.


Episode 9 - The Zoetrope is Spinning

Lupe and Noah go on a desperate quest, as the chips are falling and the mystery of el Faraón is revealed. The second semi-final has arrived, but Sammy and Kevin risk not making it in time for their performance as they embark on an adventure to retrieve el Faraón's guitar.


Episode 10 - Serendipity

Everyone gets ready for the grand finale of Colombia's most famous game show. Meanwhile, Lupe and Noah are caught in a deadly trap after discovering the explosive truth about el Faraón and what really happened on the fateful night of the explosion.



Season 1

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