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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Link - Connection

Gye-hoon finds an emotional link to another person for the first time in eighteen years. He heads to the neighborhood of Jihwa-dong, where his twin sister, Gye-young, had gone missing. There, he meets a strange woman, Noh Da-hyun, who mistakes Gye-hoon for a stalker. Meanwhile, Da-hyun finds herself in a life-threatening situation with an actual stalker.


Episode 2 - Lies

Da-hyun continues to hover around Gye-hoon in order to search for the corpse in the fridge. Gye-hoon finds Da-hyun strange, but keeps a close eye on her in case she may be his missing sister. As the two become entangled, Officer Won-tak and Min-jo become suspicious of Da-hyun's family.


Episode 3 - Confession

The corpse inside the fridge has disappeared. To make matters worse, Eun-jung shows up, demanding her brother Jin-geun's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Da-hyun’s family becomes anxious. Gye-hoon realizes that Da-hyun cannot be his missing sister, but he treats her as such, even offering her a job at his restaurant. Da-hyun begins to develop feelings for Gye-hoon.


Episode 4 - Cheesy, But Destiny

Da-hyun unwittingly develops feelings for Gye-hoon, who shows up every time she finds herself in trouble. Gye-hoon begins to distance himself from Da-hyun. Nevertheless, he cannot stop caring about Da-hyun. Meanwhile, Jin-hoo receives DNA test results.


Episode 5 - The Child Returns

The whole neighborhood is abuzz with the news that Gye-hoon is the older brother of Gye-young, who had gone missing in the past. Da-hyun is bitter after finding out that Gye-hoon has only been nice to her due to his belief that she is his sister. Meanwhile, Bok-hee and Chun-ok are shocked to find out why Eun-jung has come to Jihwa-dong.


Episode 6 - Fluttering

Gye-hoon admits to Da-hyun that he can feel her emotions through the link, but Da-hyun does not take him seriously. The two grow closer, but Gye-hoon becomes jealous after seeing Da-hyun and Won-tak together.


Episode 7 - Poke

Jin-geun returns alive and directs his anger at Gye-hoon, who remains protective of Da-hyun. In the same vein, she tries to protect Gye-hoon in her own way. Meanwhile, Eun-jung comes out of hiding, bringing new trouble with her.


Episode 8 - The Children of Jiwha-dong

Afraid of putting Gye-hoon in danger, Da-hyun confesses her feelings and parts ways with him. Watching Da-hyun leave breaks Gye-hoon's heart. Min-jo learns of Da-hyun's predicament and tries to help her. Meanwhile, Eun-jung's true identity is revealed.


Episode 9 - Don't Turn Around

The kids of Jihwa-dong are haunted by their trauma. Da-hyun fears that her past nightmares may have been real after all, and Gye-hoon visits Eui-chan to find out the whole story behind Gye-young's disappearance. Meanwhile, Gye-hoon's true intentions in returning to Jihwa-dong are revealed. Da-hyun stays by Gye-hoon's side and comforts him.


Episode 10 - The Red Gate

Gye-hoon and Da-hyun confirm their feelings for each other and begin a secret relationship. The happier Gye-hoon is with Da-hyun, the guiltier he feels. Da-hyun goes out in search of the red gate from her dreams. Meanwhile, Min-jo reminisces of the time she dated Won-tak and comforts him.


Episode 11 - The Witness

Believing that she may have been the final witness of the missing case, Da-hyun tries to recover her lost memories. Chun-ok and Bok-hee seem to know something about the disappearance and Da-hyun begins to suspect them. Gye-hoon is worried about Da-hyun, who is putting herself in danger in the process of recovering her memories. Their concern for each other leads to their first argument.


Episode 12 - The Premonition

Da-hyun enters the red gate and is confronted by Gye-hoon from eighteen years ago. While Da-hyun suffers from survivor’s guilt Gye-hoon's own investigation of the red gate leads him to someone most unexpected. Meanwhile, Won-tak and Min-jo stumble upon a shocking scene while tracking down Jin-geun.


Episode 13 - Mom's Secret

Jin-geun has been murdered. Gye-hoon fears losing Da-hyun more than losing the lead in the missing case from eighteen years ago. In the process of retracing her memories for Gye-hoon, Da-hyun learns of Bok-hee's secret. Gye-hoon and Da-hyun each run into prime suspects.


Episode 14 - An Ordinary Evil

It turns out there was more than one culprit. The culprit, who has been hiding behind a seemingly normal façade, goes after Da-hyun again. Gye-hoon is distraught over the fact that Gye-young could have been found had someone spoke out. Da-hyun feels Gye-hoon's sorrow through the link. Meanwhile, Inspector Ahn finds himself in crisis while chasing the culprit.


Episode 15 - The Link

Unable to free himself from the shadows of Gye-young, Gye-hoon bids Da-hyun farewell. Da-hyun is pained to part with Gye-hoon, but she lets him go with a smile, knowing that he will be able to feel her emotions even when they are apart. Meanwhile, Won-tak and Min-jo obtain a lead from Chief Seo while tracking down the culprit.


Episode 16 - Eat, Love, Kill

The link that bound Gye-hoon and Da-hyun is broken. Gye-hoon grapples with it, and Da-hyun finds that endearing. Will the two be able to reconnect, even without the link? Meanwhile, the culprit is caught and the secrets of Jihwa-dong are revealed. The residents of Jihwa-dong try to make peace with the past.



Season 1

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