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Episode 1 - Part 1

Paris, 5 December 1986. Widespread student protests are underway in Paris in opposition to Alain Devaquet’s university reforms. Malik Oussekine, a 22-year-old student, is not part of the crowd; he is going to see his idol, Nina Simone, perform in a jazz club in the Latin Quarter. On leaving the club, Malik is pursued by police officers from mobile units and is beaten to death in the lobby of a building. The next day, the news of the tragedy spreads like wildfire. Malik’s brothers and sisters gradually learn about his death. Despite his immense grief, his eldest brother Mohamed decides to take things in hand. The Oussekine family have two priorities: defend themselves and protect Aicha, the mother. Their case is taken on by prominent criminal lawyer Maître Kiejman. He knows that Robert Pandraud and his teams will have only one objective: to cover up the case by advocating their own version of events and swaying public opinion. The Oussekine family are in a race against time.


Episode 2 - Part 2

Malik's death shocks the whole of France. Thousands of people take part in a march across Paris to pay homage to him. The reform is scrapped and Alain Devaquet resigns. But for the Oussekine family, this isn't a real victory. They are attacked from all sides: Pandraud declares on live television that Malik died from kidney failure, Malik’s apartment is searched, and the Oussekine family is harrassed. Maître Kiejman remains focussed and confident and is backed by Mohamed. Sarah and Ben Amar break down and start to have doubts: their opponents are too big and powerful. The police officers questioned continue to deny any wrongdoing. But then the youngest officer gives in and decides to confess. Could this be the first victory for the family?


Episode 3 - Part 3

The Oussekine family are increasingly divided over which strategy to adopt: while Mohamed decides to trust Maître Kiejeman, Sarah and Ben Amar are not convinced and distance themselves. The family breaks apart: Fatna leaves Paris after having been violently attacked, Sarah leaves her partner and starts a new life, Mohamed watches as his business declines after malicious rumors, and Ben Amar seeks solace in religion. Fortunately, a court hearing may finally be finally possible: the only eyewitness of the attack has come forward to testify. A reconstruction of events is organized in front of 20 rue Monsieur le Prince. This is the family’s biggest chance to establish the truth.


Episode 4 - Part 4

1990. The trial of the two police officers accused of Malik Oussekine’s death finally takes place in a crowded courtroom. Sarah, Ben Amar and Mohamed attend, accompanied by their lawyers. They stand strong and united for the first time in months. The Oussekine family know that the stakes are high: they can take nothing for granted. But will they get justice and finally find peace?



Season 1

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