Street Outlaws Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Take Back These Streets

Chief puts the 405 to test with the most important list shakeup; Chief and Murder Nova part ways.


Episode 2 - A New Number One

Chief, Dave, Ryan, Monza and Dominator battle for the number one spot as the list shakeup continues; Chief hopes to prove that his split...


Episode 3 - Turn it Up

A horrifying crash makes one racer contemplate the end of his racing days.


Episode 4 - Boosted to the Max

A familiar face comes back to the 405 and he's brought a new car with big potential.


Episode 5 - New King Crowned

Shawn is determined to get the Murder Nova driving straight again after a series of bad passes.


Episode 6 - Rise of the OG

A crash devastates the 405 as Kamikaze returns to defend The List against a new racer.


Episode 7 - Grinding on the Daily

Racers show up with everything from a golf cart to a Corvette to compete for cash.


Episode 8 - New Rules, New Road

The Daily Driver field is down to 18, with a new set of rules and a new road to race on.


Episode 9 - The Dawn of America's List

For the first time since it began, Big Chief throws out the top 10 list.


Episode 10 - The Cold Dark Road

Chief and Ryan draw each other for the first race; an OG member of the 405 pushes his car too far.


Episode 11 - Double or Nothing

The stakes ratchet up as several drivers draw back-to-back races; Daddy Dave is undefeated.


Episode 12 - The Hard Way Back

A new challenge emerges as the 405 must race back the opposite direction down the road.


Episode 13 - The Fastest in the 405

Chief, Dave and Ryan have solidified their spots; Murder Nova must conquer his toughest matchups.


Episode 14 - Race To The Top

Teammates face each other as drivers fight for a spot on America's List.


Episode 15 - Evening The Odds

The first matchups kick off as the even numbered drivers call out the odds.


Episode 16 - Callouts 101

Drivers begin planning their climb to the top of America's List.


Episode 17 - Big Chief's Top Ten

Big Chief counts down the craziest moments in Street Outlaws history.


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