The Villains of Valley View Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Havoc-Ween

Amy brings her mischievous body-snatching Grandma to a party. Vic and Eva scam kids out of their candy untill they come across a villain even bigger than themselves.


Episode 2 - Showdown at the Round Up

When Hartley gets nervous about an audition, Amy decides to use her powers to help. The family is concerned that Colby was caught on Celia's security cameras using his new power.


Episode 3 - Friend or Foe

Amy sets out to prove that Hartley's new crush is a liar but keeps coming up empty. Vic schemes to use the family’s powers to start their own pizza delivery business.


Episode 4 - Vials and Tribulations

When Amy and Hartley get detention, Amy goes to wipe the principal's memory, but erases Vic's. Eva gets a job and attempts to keep Celia, a secret shopper, happy.


Episode 5 - A Superhero in Valley View

Starling returns to Valley View, revealing the superheroes who accused her of helping the Maddens, and now she's on the run. Bad Jake returns and shrinks Vic and Eva.


Episode 6 - We Don't Care

After Amy and Hartley decide to use a villain song in a “Battle of the Bands,” Eva forbids them. When a delivery person drops off Celia's new recliners, Vic gives them an upgrade.


Episode 7 - Bad Energy

When Vic says he needs Flashform's helmet, Amy and Colby must scramble to get it back from Milo. When the lair causes a big electric bill, the family must cover to Celia.


Episode 8 - No Escape - Part 1

It's Declan and Hartley's anniversary and to surprise her, he arranges an escape room event. But when the family arrives, they begin to worry things aren't what they seem.


Episode 9 - No Escape - Part 2

When the family gets shocking news, they embrace their villain side and go to Centropolis on a mission. Colby must get out of a sticky situation and Hartley tries her best to help.


Episode 10 - How the Villains Stole Christmas

Set in the past, Onyx issues an annual ruin Christmas challenge. The villain family breaks up into two teams to win it all but gets more than they bargained for.



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