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Episode 1 - A Storm is Coming

Julio has a new client as a case worker at Hugs Not Thugs: his recently incarcerated cousin Luis, who used to bully him. Julio’s also got a new roommate… his recently incarcerated cousin Luis!


Episode 2 - Putazos

Luis can’t help but revert to his old ways when a former rival shows up and challenges him to a fight. Julio is conflicted on how to best help his cousin.


Episode 3 - Emotional Timothy

Julio takes a bold step forward in getting over his relationship with Maggie, while Luis seeks to gain closure from an ex with the help of Minister Payne.


Episode 4 - Y Tu Julio También

It’s Julio’s Birthday! And he’s miserable! And he misses Maggie! Luis struggles to understand why Julio hates his birthday and decides to force Julio to celebrate.


Episode 5 - Sandy Says

Luis’ antics land him in therapy, where he gets in touch with his deepest emotions for the first time, much to Julio’s chagrin.


Episode 6 - Los Botes

Luis finds himself in an unlikely alliance with Maria. Julio finds himself desperate to be thought of as a nice guy, with increasingly disastrous consequences.


Episode 7 - Sh*t or Get Off the Pot

Maggie takes Julio on a hike against his will, while Luis babysits Aiden and Michael. What could go wrong?


Episode 8 - The Devil Made Me Do It

Luis goes to great lengths to avoid atoning for his past sins. Meanwhile, it’s Aiden’s first Communion and Julio isn’t too pleased with the choice of godmother.


Episode 9 - F*ck the Rich

With Hugs Not Thugs struggling financially, Julio helps Minister Payne court a pair of out-of-touch billionaires attempting to rebrand themselves.


Episode 10 - A Fresh Start

As Luis gets ready to move forward with his life by graduating from Hugs Not Thugs, Julio faces a big decision about his own future.



Season 1

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