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During Prohibition, loudmouth Harlem grifter Ray (Eddie Murphy) and the no-nonsense Claude (Martin Lawrence) team up on a bootlegging mission to Mississippi that could bring them big bucks. But they run into trouble when a crooked lawman hits them with a phony murder charge. Ray and Claude are given life sentences and shipped off to jail, where they must think of a way to prove their innocence and avoid the brutal guards while battling their biggest enemies -- their opposing personalities.

Genre - Comedy drama
Country - USA
Language - en
Original Release Year - 1999
Run Time - 1h 48min

Cast & Crew

Stars Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Obba Babatunde, Ned Beatty, Bernie Mac, Miguel Núñez Jr., Clarence Williams III, Bokeem Woodbine, Michael "Bear" Taliferro, Barry Shabaka Henley, Brent Jennings, Guy Torry, Lisa Carson, O'Neal Compton, Poppy Montgomery, Ned Vaughn, R. Ermey, Nick Cassavetes, Anthony Anderson, Noah Emmerich, Rick James

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