Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man

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Season 2
51. Marvel's Spider-Man
Nov 24, 2019
► Disney Plus
Season 2
46. Marvel's Spider-Man
Oct 20, 2019
► Apple TV ► Disney Plus ► Vudu
Season 0
0. Goblin War - Part Three
► Apple TV ► Vudu


Peter Parker is a very intelligent young man. But when Peter gets bitten by a radioactive spider during a school field trip to Oscorp, he develops spider-like powers including the ability to shoot webbing from his hands and to climb up walls. When tragedy strikes close to his home, Peter must decide how to come to terms with the momentous loss but also how he must adjust to his new job as a masked superhero. Peter will face all manner of villains and those looking to cause trouble as he attempts to rid his city of corruption.

Genre - Action/Adventure/Animated/Children
Country - USA
Language - en
Original Air Date - Saturday 19th August 2017
Run Time - 30min

Cast & Crew

Stars Robbie Daymond, Max Mittelman, Nadji Jeter, Melanie Minichino, Fred Tatasciore, Laura Bailey, Nancy Linari, Patton Oswalt, Scott Menville, John DiMaggio, Alastair Duncan, Joe Quesada

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