Bakugan: Battle Planet

Bakugan: Battle Planet

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Season 1
9. Rubbed the Wrong Way; Babysitting Bedlam
Jan 19, 2019
► Amazon Prime Video ► Vudu
Season 1
0. Babysitting Bedlam; Rubbed the Wrong Way
Jan 19, 2019
► Apple TV ► Cartoon Network
Season 0
0. Wynton's Reality Show; Bakugan Soccer
Sep 15, 2020
► Apple TV ► Amazon Prime Video ► Vudu
Season 0
0. Beastie Team Battle; Ajit and Lia
► Apple TV ► Cartoon Network ► Vudu ► Amazon Prime Video


Bakugan began emerging from the earth's crust in a mysterious worldwide phenomenon called "awakening." Dan and his friends are at the center of this new era, where they learn that they have to look further than just fame in the post-Bakugan world. They use their knowledge to learn to work with their Bakugan to deploy them into battle to stop those who are looking to enslave, control and destroy the mysterious race of creatures. The friends seek to become heroes as they protect their Bakugan and Earth.

Genre - Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Anime/Children
Country - KOR, CAN, JPN
Language - en
Original Air Date - Sunday 23rd December 2018
Run Time - 30min

Cast & Crew

Stars Jonah Wineberg, Ticoon Kim, Deven Mack, Margarita Valderrama, Jason Deline, Will Bowes, Julius Cho, Hayden Finkelshtain

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