90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Be Careful What You Wish For

Angela heads out on a life-changing trip despite Michael's wishes. Andrei's big ask threatens the family business. Brandon and Julia escape the farm. Asuelu wants to be the man of his own house. Natalie questions Mike's commitment.


Episode 2 - Indecent Proposal

Angela begins a life-changing transformation in LA. Tiffany is at her breaking point with Ronald. Kalani questions Asuelu's sincerity. Brandon rains on Julia's parade. The family weighs in on Andrei's proposition. Natalie sends Mike over the edge.


Episode 3 - Forgiving Is Not Forgetting

Michael finds out about the breast reduction. Jovi's mom criticizes Yara's parenting. Kalani's sister is skeptical of Asuelu. Andrei confronts his brother-in-law. Julia worries about her immigration status. Tiffany's mom questions Ronald's commitment.


Episode 4 - Damage Control

Angela's surgery doesn't go as planned. Andrei deals with Elizabeth's family at work. Kalani's candor offends Asuelu. Julia reveals a new side of her personality. Ronald is jealous of Tiffany's fresh start. Mike and Natalie deal with the birthday blow-up.


Episode 5 - Love Takes Hostages

Mike's mom pushes Natalie's buttons in Oklahoma. Andrei's immigration status is threatened. Jovi reveals big news to Yara. Michael sees Angela's new body. Julia embarrasses Brandon. Ronald pressures Daniel. Kalani's dad tries to save her marriage.


Episode 6 - Fear and Loathing

Brandon lays down the law with Julia. Kalani seeks legal counsel. Angela considers another surgery. Natalie stands her ground with Mike's mom. Andrei jeopardizes his new job. Tiffany reaches out to her dad with a big ask.


Episode 7 - Troubled Waters

Sparks fly at Elizabeth's family boat outing. Angela is blindsided by disappointing news. Asuelu reveals a traumatic experience. Tiffany's dad makes a big decision. Julia receives important news. Natalie feels insulted by Mike's mom at Thanksgiving.


Episode 8 - All Shook Up

Elizabeth and Andrei deal with the aftermath of the boat fiasco. Natalie loses her temper with Mike's mom. Kalani and Asuelu spice things up. Angela explores an unconventional way to quit smoking. Brandon finally challenges his parents' authority.


Episode 9 - Not So Silent Partners

Elizabeth's family road trip is off to a rocky start. Angela plans to spy on Michael. Yara reveals some scary news. Kalani comes clean to Asuelu. Natalie holds a grudge against Mike's mom. Nerves run high as Tiffany travels to visit Ronald.


Episode 10 - Shadows of Doubt

Angela contemplates divorce. Brandon and Julia attempt to fly the nest. Tiffany confronts Ronald over his parenting. Yara starts a new chapter on her own. A misstep by Andrei causes Elizabeth to panic. Natalie makes a big decision without Mike.


Episode 11 - Man Up or Shut Up

Michael reaches out to Angela after the breakup. Tensions run high for Natalie's surgery. Andrei's introduction to Elizabeth's family goes awry. Ronald tries to prove that he's a good father. Brandon and Julia have a surprise. Jovi finally comes home.


Episode 12 - Bubble Baths and Family Wraths

Andrei discovers a secret at the family reunion. Tiffany tells Ronald to man up. Angela consults a psychic about Michael's intentions. Yara disrespects Jovi's family. Mike airs his grievances to Natalie. Kalani fears Asuelu's family's upcoming visit.


Episode 13 - Let's Talk About Sex...

Natalie confronts Mike's mom about the "hooker" comment. Michael's friends suggest shipping his sperm to the US. Brandon and Julia leave the farm. A birthday bash goes terribly wrong for Libby and Andrei. Asuelu worries his family will ruin Christmas.


Episode 14 - She's a Snake in the Grass

Michael masturbates for the first time. Yara does something extreme to prove she's still fun to Jovi. A fight breaks out at Kalani and Asuelu's holiday. Natalie contemplates moving out. Libby's family deals with the birthday aftermath.


Episode 15 - Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

Mike and Natalie decide the fate of their marriage. Chuck watches his family fall apart. Asuelu asks Kalani to move to Samoa. Angela visits an IVF clinic. Jovi and Yara deal with stripper-gate. Tiffany questions staying with Ronald.


Episode 16 - Tell All Part 1

The HEA cast revisits the ups and downs of married life. Natalie faces Mike after months apart, and Ronald admits the real reason he exploded on Tiffany. Brandon's parents give an enticing offer. Meanwhile, an enraged Angela storms off set.


Episode 17 - Tell All Part 2

In part two of the Tell All, Asuelu faces his mom and sister for the first time in months. Elizabeth and Andrei get into it with Charlie, and a nervous Yara says she hasn't had her period in months.


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