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A Time to Kill Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Freshman

High school Freshman Tina Faelz ditches detention and heads for home - but someone murders her along the way. Suspects are plentiful, including a known sex offender, but decades pass before two determined detectives finally deliver justice for Tina.


Episode 2 - If I Killed Lisa

A single woman hosts a dinner party on the same night she's mercilessly stabbed to death. At the scene, police notice her signature waist-length hair is cut short, leading them to suspect the killer not only knows the woman - but is obsessed with her.


Episode 3 - A Callous Disregard for Life

In Brooklyn's Hasidic community, Menachem Stark enjoys life as a respected businessman and father to seven children. In 2014, his wife calls police when he fails to return home, and a subsequent search leads to a burning dumpster that holds a dark secret.


Episode 4 - If the Glove Fits

A diligent art student lies stabbed to death in bed. The ferociousness of the crime makes little sense considering the quiet co-ed has no known enemies. However, Police soon meet someone whose secret hatred for her reveals itself a night of pure horror.


Episode 5 - Clock in for Murder

Early one May morning in 2012, a Kentucky pharmaceutical company employee stumbles upon the bound body of a close colleague. Someone has beaten this devoted wife and mother to death, and police must eliminate her coworkers as suspects, one by one.


Episode 6 - Five Million Reasons to Murder

In affluent Colleyville, Texas, a bloody home invasion leaves the housekeeper dead - but police soon discover she was the intended target all along. Little did the sweet grandmother know just how many people were impatiently waiting for her to die.


Episode 7 - One Bloody Fingerprint

A Tennessee college student returns to campus to find her friend and roommate Heather Maples viciously strangled in her bed. The outgoing co-ed has many friends, but police fear that on August 7, 2015, one of those pals turns out to be her worst enemy.


Episode 8 - Murder on the Jordan River

The beating death of a 15-year-old girl in Draper, Utah, outrages her parents, who had adopted her five years prior. One witness implicates a local drug dealer and another a mysterious gang member, but it seems almost everyone is lying


Episode 9 - The Mystery Passenger

A loving couple vanishes from their Chehalis, Washington, home just days before Christmas. Police discover them shot to death on an old logging road, shocking the community. With few solid leads, the case remains cold until a new cop takes a second look.


Episode 10 - A Brutal, Vicious, Evil Murder

Missy Atkin lies dead across her bed, hands tied behind her back. The crime scene is so disturbing officers fight back the tears as they collect evidence. The single mom has no known enemies, but at least one person harbors enough hate for her to kill.


Episode 11 - Do-Si-Death

Texarkana neighbors discover Patti Wheelington shot dead on her front porch. The charismatic widow has many admirers from her beloved square dancing club. However, police will soon find out who harbored enough hate to end her dancing days forever.


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