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Season 45 Episode Guide

Episode 2 - The Vanishing Act

Never-before-seen police tapes from inside the Sherri Papini case.


Episode 3 - The Barefoot Witness

A workplace romance turns fatal for a Baton Rouge teacher-of-the-year mom. Could a three-year-old eyewitness help crack the case?


Episode 4 - The Darkest Night

New details about the case of 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel, whose disappearance while on spring break stumped police for years.


Episode 5 - Dial M For Missing

An international search for a California man suspected in his wife's murder takes a shocking twist.


Episode 6 - Red Handed

Video evidence leads police to learn the shocking identity of a former Arkansas senator’s killer.


Episode 7 - Girl Scout Murders

The murders of three young girls in 1977 turned an Oklahoma community upside down after the case went cold for decades.


Episode 8 - Divine Intervention

John Quiñones examines why investigators say an act of "divine intervention" helped them solve a Minnesota farmer's murder.


Episode 9 - Tainted Love

When a husband is violently murdered, his wife and her alleged lover become suspects.


Episode 10 - Cold to the Touch

A mysterious drug overdose kills new mom Christina Harris. Would she leave behind a crucial clue that actually points to a killer?


Episode 11 - A Captive Student

Police launch a 38-day nationwide manhunt to find a 15-year-old Tennessee student taken by her teacher.


Episode 12 - Doctor Deceit

An exclusive interview with a ‘fake doctor’ who hid a deadly secret.


Episode 13 - Chippendales Murder

Behind the glitz and glam of one of the sexiest shows in entertainment, an FBI investigation revealed Chippendales founder Steve Banerjee was the mastermind behind multiple murder-for-hire plots.


Episode 15 - Horror in Idaho: The Student Murders

The latest reporting on the investigation, exclusive interviews and chilling new details in the Idaho case.


Episode 16 - What The Little Girl Saw

A hockey player, a brutal murder and a shocking witness – the victim’s young daughter.


Episode 17 - New Year's Evil

Did a mom found dead in a luxury apartment slip and fall, or was it something more sinister?


Episode 18 - Kill Or Be Killed?

Was it a case of self-defense or murder after a mom of two shot and killed her partner?


Episode 19 - The Kill List

Affairs. Antifreeze. A letter from the grave. What really happened to Julie Jensen?


Episode 20 - House of Cards

After a mother and daughter are murdered, investigators encounter a self-proclaimed vampire and taunting letters from a killer.


Episode 21 - A Model Murder

An Instagram model's relationship with an older man turns deadly, and a witness provides a shocking account of the fatal day.


Episode 22 - Murdaugh Family Murders

Breaking coverage and exclusive analysis after a jury found former South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh guilty of murdering his wife and son.


Episode 23 - The Confession?

A man wakes up to find his fiancée dead; a shocking confession changes everything.


Episode 24 - The Last Strike

How a North Dakota love triangle ended with murder and a house in flame.


Episode 25 - Running Out Of Time

A college student is murdered after being stalked. Did the University fail to protect her?


Episode 26 - Unholy Matrimony

An open marriage, a secret affair, and a sinister plot for murder.


Episode 27 - Stranger in the House

A devout husband goes from victim to murder suspect; how a wife’s secret recording changes everything.


Episode 28 - Secrets of the Lake

As environmental crises cause a Las Vegas reservoir to recede, a trail of bodies from decades past is revealed.


Episode 29 - The Case of the Killer Clown

A clown murders a Florida mom, leading to a 30-year journey to solve the case.


Episode 30 - This Is Revenge

A love triangle involving a divorced mother and two wealthy doctors ends in a successful murder-for-hire plot.


Episode 31 - Rocky Mountain Horror

A serial killer works as an FBI informant while concealing horrific crimes.


Episode 32 - It Happened Here -- A Year in Uvalde

The courageous journeys of families and survivors following the tragedy at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.


Episode 33 - Dying to Meet You

After a popular local musician is found dead, covert police surveillance uncovers horrific murders in Colorado and exposes a killer.


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