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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Apple's Focus

Apple helps Onion achieve his dream of completing on a baking show.


Episode 2 - Lil Noodle

Apple and Onion must remain legit enough to be in their favorite rapper's music video.


Episode 3 - Gyranoid of the Future

Apple and Onion struggle to ride Gyranoid of the future, the craziest roller coaster at the carnival.


Episode 4 - Fun Proof

Apple and Onion want to be this week's "Most Fun People".


Episode 5 - Burger's Trampoline

Apple and Onion must find a way to use Burger's trampoline without making him feel used.


Episode 6 - Heatwave

Apple and Onion try to spread cheer during a city-wide heatwave.


Episode 7 - Whale Spotting

Apple and Onion need to join an exclusive club to see a rare whale.


Episode 8 - Apple's in Charge

Apple is put in charge of the Dollar Store for the very first time.


Episode 9 - Baby Boi Tp

Apple needs to acquire a lifetime supply of toilet paper to finish his modern art sculpture.


Episode 10 - Not Funny

With their 6 month friend anniversary approaching, Apple has to find a way not to lose his best friend.


Episode 11 - Party Popper

Apple and Onion's party plans are interrupted by a grumpy guest.


Episode 13 - Face Your Fears

Apple and Onion must face their fears while trapped in a pet shop, so they can save French Fry from facing hers.


Episode 15 - Positive Attitude Theory

Apple and Onion spend a day in Falafel's shoes and use their positive attitude to prove he shouldn't be so grumpy.



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