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Family Matters Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Surely You Joust

When Carl becomes angry with his obnoxious neighbor Steve, they arrange to fight it out--on national television.


Episode 2 - Hot Wheels

Carl buys Eddie a used police car so they can refurbish it together. Steve glues himself to Laura just as she is supposed to go out on a much anticipated date.


Episode 3 - Dance to the Music

Laura is impressed when Steve arranges a great date for her--with another guy. Carl is jealous when Harriette takes piano lessons from a handsome young man.


Episode 4 - Driving Carl Crazy

When Laura says she will go steady with the next boy to ask her out who has his own car, Steve acquires a car and persuades Carl to teach him to drive--seriously aggravating Carl's problem with anger management.


Episode 5 - Rumor Has It

Ted spreads the rumor that he had sex with Laura, and Steve decides to reveal the rumor as false--at any cost.


Episode 6 - No. One with a Bullet

Steve is hospitalized for an appendectomy, and Carl is happy to be rid of him. But when Carl is shot, he must share a hospital room with Steve.


Episode 7 - Whose Kid Is It, Anyway?

Eddie promises to take Richie trick-or-treating, but he leaves Richie with Waldo, who loses the boy.


Episode 8 - An Officer and a Waldo

Eddie insults Waldo, who then joins the army. Eddie and Steve go to rescue him and are mistaken for army recruits--possibly the worst recruits ever.


Episode 9 - Just One Date

When Laura refuses, for the thousandth time, to go out on a date with Steve, he climbs onto the Winslow's roof and vows to stay up there until Laura agrees to go out with him.


Episode 10 - The Oddest Couple

After Eddie gets in a huge fight with Carl, he moves out and shares an apartment with Steve.


Episode 11 - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad House

The Winslow household suffers when Harriette, upset with her family's lack of cooperation, refuses to cook and clean. When Eddie's teacher arrives to see Eddie's home life, she gets a horrible impression.


Episode 12 - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel

Laura's guardian angel arrives and shows her a world where Steve's and Laura's roles are reversed--Steve is suave, while Laura is socially inept.


Episode 13 - Muskrat Love

The "Sadie Hawkins Day" dance becomes interesting when Eddie refuses Melissa's offer to take him and then regrets it, while Laura's best friend goes with the guy Laura wanted to ask.


Episode 14 - The Way the Ball Bounces

Both Eddie and Laura want to go to college. Laura works day and night studying for a big entrance exam, and Eddie decides to go to an easy college that wants him to play basketball for them.


Episode 15 - A Thought in the Dark

Laura and Ted arrange a blind date for Steve with Ted's cousin Myra.


Episode 16 - Tender Kisses

When Eddie can't get tickets to the big Tracie Spencer (Herself) concert, he sneaks into Tracie's hotel room to meet her.


Episode 17 - Heart Strings

Valentine's Day brings romance into the Winslow's home as Laura agrees to be Steve's valentine and Gwendolyn tries to convince Richie to be her valentine.


Episode 18 - Higher Anxiety

Carl becomes distressed when Mother Winslow goes camping with her boyfriend. Eddie's near-death exprience, shared with Steve and Waldo, helps him realize that breaking up with his girlfriend isn't so bad.


Episode 19 - Mama's Wedding

Carl gives Mother Winslow and Fletcher a huge wedding, which gets even bigger when more than one hundred of Eddie's friends arrive by mistake.


Episode 20 - Pulling Teeth

When Laura's best friend, Maxine, ends her relationship with her boyfriend, Laura, Steve, Eddie and Waldo all help get Maxine and Waldo together for a date.


Episode 21 - Walk on the Wild Side

When Laura sneaks into a male strip club, Steve learns that Harriette is going as well, and he tries to warn Laura.


Episode 22 - Hot Stuff

Laura successfully gets Steve romantically interested in Myra, who is infatuated with him. Eddie buys a new car stereo system and realizes that he got a good price because the equipment is stolen.


Episode 23 - Stormy Weather

Laura attends the Junior Prom with Jimmy, who forbids her to speak to her intellectual friend, Steve. When Steve arrives at the prom with a gorgeous girl, Myra, all the students are shocked!


Episode 24 - Buds 'N' Buns

Carl takes an extra job at a hot dog restaurant, working with his son, Eddie, but Eddie gets promoted and becomes his dad's boss. When Steve stops annoying Laura, she misses his friendship.


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