History of the World, Part II Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - I

General Grant heads out in search of a drink; after the Russian Tsar is executed, Shmuck Mudman and his family head to Moscow; Shakespeare's writers room; invention of fire; the REAL Kama Sutra.


Episode 2 - II

Judas betrays Jesus; Shirley Chisholm makes a big announcement. General Grant finds himself in trouble, and Marco Polo meets Kublai Khan.


Episode 3 - III

Alexander Graham Bells makes (and receives) a call; Shmuck Mudman gains access to the politburo; and Sigmund Freud teaches psychoanalysis.


Episode 4 - IV

Jesus and Mary fall in love; Shmuck and Fanny Mudman change the course of Russian history; and how the Pyramids were built.


Episode 5 - V

Galileo is on TikTok; General Grant gets rescued; and Shirley Chisholm meets George Wallace.


Episode 6 - VI

Amelia Earhart's fate is revealed; Jesus and the Fab 13 try to record the last sermon; the Civil War ends; and statues get removed.


Episode 7 - VII

Middle East peace (and lunch) in Oslo; Shirley Chisholm heads to the Watergate; and Jesus and the band play their final concert.


Episode 8 - VIII

The Berlin Wall comes down; Christianity gets a makeover; and Shirley Chisholm speaks at the DNC.



Season 1

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