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History Remade with Sabrina Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Could the Pyramids Be Made Today?

How hard could it be to build a pyramid? Find out as Sabrina creates a scale model of the Great Pyramid of Giza using time-accurate techniques and supplies from her local craft store.


Episode 2 - Is Gutenberg’s Printing Press Still Useful?

Since the advent of the internet, it's hard to remember how printing transformed the world. In this episode, Sabrina recreates Gutenberg's printing press using time-accurate techniques and explores how it laid the foundation for how information is spread today.


Episode 3 - How Romans Revolutionized Bread Making

You might think of watermills as quaint constructions in countrysides - when in actuality watermills redefined work. In the Roman era, one mill could replace the labor of dozens of men! To explain this revolutionary tech, Sabrina creates a scale model of the 16 Roman watermills of Barbegal, a 300 CE construction that could create enough flour for 27,000 people.


Episode 4 - How Did People Talk Before Cell Phones?

How did a simple series of dots and dashes transform worldwide communication? To find out, Sabrina recreates the telegraph, Samuel Morse’s groundbreaking 1832 invention (and your cell phone’s cool great-grandparent). Learn more in this episode of History Remade with Sabrina.


Episode 5 - How the Vikings Ruled the Seas

Sabrina recreates a Viking longship using ancient shipbuilding techniques and a... watermelon? Uncover how the viking vessel's unique design helped shape the Norse legacy, in this episode of History Remade.


Episode 6 - Rebuilding a 1,000-Year-old Humanoid Robot

Al-Jazari, one of the greatest inventors during the Golden Age of Islam, developed concepts crucial to devices we still use today. In this episode, Sabrina recreates Al-Jazari’s drumming automaton—or drumming robot!



Season 1

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