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Episode 1 - The Women of Black Panther

Okoye, Nakia, Ramonda, Ayo and Shuri have been as unbreakable as vibranium since the first Black Panther film, and this episode of "MPower" dives into their roots in the original comics, how the performances were influenced by the actors’ own lived experiences and how the spirit of Africa and black excellence shaped every aspect of the films.


Episode 2 - Captain Marvel

The journey of one of the most powerful super heroes, Captain Marvel, is seen through the eyes of those who brought her to life onscreen. Through animation and never before seen footage, audiences gain a new sense of Brie Larson’s transformation from Carol Danvers to Captain Marvel and how the support from the other actors and Marvel creatives brought it all together.


Episode 3 - Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff traverses the highest highs and lowest lows. Elizabeth Olsen, the producers of "WandaVision" and many others who have had a hand in the Scarlet Witch’s story speak to how the character has persevered through it all. Alongside a courageous superfan and actors like Kathryn Hahn and Kat Dennings, this episode of "MPower" represents the power of a woman working on her own terms.


Episode 4 - Gamora

Track the evolution of Gamora through her early moments with her Guardian family, a trying relationship with her complex sister and everything in between. The actors behind the beloved characters speak to their own journeys over the years, the Marvel Studios creatives share their passion and two impressive Superfans dig into how the Guardian women have forever changed their lives.



Season 1

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