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Episode 1 - The My Son, Spaceball Star

To avoid his mother's disappointment, Danny pretends to be on the spaceball team. But when the team member who lent Danny his uniform comes to retrieve it, the truth comes out. Both Danny and his mother learn a lesson about expectations, love and telling the truth.


Episode 2 - Danny, The Invisible Man

Danny does some tricks with an invisibility gadget from Pluto before the side effects start catching up with him back on earth. As pieces of Danny start to disappear, Freddie the Magician realizes how his own act was inexplicably fouled up and Danny promises to get rid of the gadget.


Episode 3 - If This Is Texxas - It Must Be Doomsday

The Partridge's show in Texxas is a lifetime engagement, according to Texx Comet, owner, mayor, sheriff and cattle-rustler of the island "Texxas". The family manages to escape only after their musical talent takes a decline into wails and screeches.


Episode 4 - Incredible Shrinking Keit

Danny's unfinished invention throws sparks on Keith, shrinking him to pint size. Keith is furious, but his visiting fans from Minitravia are overjoyed to find Keith their own size. Danny vows to throw away the mechanism, but Keith manages to get a second spray, this time something different happens.


Episode 5 - Cousin Sunspot

An electronic voice changer transforms Cousin Sunspot into a tolerable member of the Partridge Family, until its side effects begin to appear. The Space Rangers' Ball, where the Partridge Family is appearing, is saved from disaster as the inventor arrives just in time to reverse the reaction.


Episode 6 - The Wax Museum

Two interplanetary thieves rob Madame Massaud's Wax Museum of its new Partridge Family figurines, aiming to create a duplicate Partridge Family and make a fortune on other planets. Orbit switches the planned getaway vehicle, with a kiddie ride rocket, and the thieves' short ride ends in capture.



Season 1

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