Supernanny Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Quinn Family

Jo helps a family deal with their four out-of-control teens and tweens.


Episode 2 - The Baulisch Family

Jo helps deaf parents raising four hearing children.


Episode 3 - The Park Family

Jo helps a nanny in over her head, and the helpless parents of three kids.


Episode 4 - The Winter Family

It's summertime in Georgia, but this family is living in a perpetual storm.


Episode 5 - The Newsome Family

Jo helps a single mom with six kids regain control.


Episode 6 - The Manley Family

Jo helps a couple and their children navigate separation and divorce.


Episode 7 - Super-manny Special: The Marko Family

America will meet Mike Ruggles, the world's first Super-manny,


Episode 8 - The Howat Family

Jo helps a single mom who has lost control of her children — and her temper.


Episode 9 - The Lewis Family

Jo helps a grieving wife and mother learn to parent alone.


Episode 10 - The James Family

Parenting isn't a slam dunk for NBA star Mike James and his wife, Angela.


Episode 11 - The Kerns Family

Jo helps a pair of young parents regain control in their home.


Episode 12 - The Gormley-Brickley Family

Jo helps a UK family with two sets of twins under the age of five years old.


Episode 13 - The Costello Family

Jo helps a family with 10 kids find some balance and harmony.


Episode 14 - The Davis Family

A father feels all childcare should be handled by his working wife.


Episode 15 - The Sachs Family

Jo Frost takes on her first-ever Manhattan family.


Episode 16 - The Williams Family

Jo makes a dad become more involved in parenting.


Episode 17 - The Del Re Family

The Del Re household is the wildest one on this Staten Island block.


Episode 18 - The Goldberg Family

It may be sunny in Tucson, but there’s stormy weather at the Goldberg house.


Episode 19 - The Sacco Family

A family of six needs a reality check from Jo Frost.


Episode 20 - The Porter Family

Jo helps a family being held ransom by their 9-year-old daughter.


Episode 21 - The DeMello Family

Jo comes to the aid of a couple who say they are living with little devils.


Episode 22 - The Krolikowski Family

Jo helps a couple whose attempts at disciplining have had little effect.


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