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Episode 1 - Repetition Compulsion

Straight off a 17-year stint in federal prison, Edwin Alexander crashes back into the lives of his daughter Paige, and her teenage son, Finn – just as Paige is attempting to achieve her lifelong dream of buying her own home.


Episode 2 - How to Be a Main Bitch

Paige moves into her new house, but Edwin complicates her life at every turn – especially her relationship with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Edwin enlists Finn’s help to get a job.


Episode 3 - Are You My Mother Wound?

Having her dad back in her life forces Paige to confront her “mother wound” – which leads to the ultimate housewarming dinner that devolves into a fierce competition for her love.


Episode 4 - In Dad We Distrust

Paige begins a promising new relationship, but her daddy issues keep threatening to get in the way. Meanwhile, Edwin makes a bold decision around making money that will impact the entire family.


Episode 5 - F**k Normal

Paige just wants to be normal and tries to prove it by hosting a party for a co-worker, but things don’t go exactly as planned. Meanwhile, Edwin’s new business venture turns him into a hero.


Episode 6 - Nigrescence

Paige, Edwin, and Finn take a trip to their ancestral home in rural Alabama, where there’s much more going on than meets the eye.


Episode 7 - Unavailably Available

Paige is sent spiraling after getting a devastating piece of news on the biggest professional day of her life. Meanwhile, Edwin’s is on the cusp of a big new business venture, but his past is threatening to take it all away from him.


Episode 8 - It's About Who You Want to Be

Paige battles her conscience, Finn battles his mother, and Edwin battles the system in the season finale that could change everything for the Alexander family.



Season 1

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