Hard Target

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11:25 pm - 01:05 am | Saturday 23rd March

Action/adventure Guy Flick


TV14 Violence

A down-and-out Cajun merchant seaman saves a young woman from a gang of thugs on the streets of New Orleans, then agrees to help her search for her father, a homeless Vietnam vet.

Lance Henriksen
Kasi Lemmons
Eliott Keener
Arnold Vosloo
Bob Apisa
Jules Sylvester
Lenore Banks
Wilford Brimley
Tom Lupo
Barbara Tasker
Joe Warfield
Marco St. John
Valerie McCaffrey
Robert Pavlovich
Willie Carpenter
Yancy Butler
Nancy Nayor
Sven-Ole Thorsen
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Douglas Forsythe Rye
Ted Raimi
Dave Efron
Chuck Pfarrer
Randy Cheramie
Michael D. Leinert
Jeanette Kontomitras


Released 1993